The Aloha Fair II

Hey guys! I decided to do coverage on a huge event because I saw that no one has really did much coverage on this event. Aloha Fair II started on July 27th, and will end on August 10th. More information can be found here.

I counted 90 booths on the sim, and 81 stores present at the Aloha Fair. Some booths were just empty, and some had the store name, but nothing was in there. So if you see a store on the legend, but not in the gallery, that means the store had nothing in there. Every store booth has a gift – either free or 1 L. I did not cover those here, but I’m sure others have mentioned some of the gifts. There are also gachas on the sim as well.

I do have to warn you that you are not able to fly while here. Even though I have provided SLurls, they will still take you to the landing point. However, you can use the red beacon to guide you to the store booth (that is, if you have this enabled).


Map of Aloha Fair II - Second Life

1 Dew
2 ViSion
3 ArisAris
5 Supernatural
6 Tukinowaguma
8 Ghee
10 Vanity hair
11 Scene
12 Sweet Temptations
13 Gypsy Chic
14 dollie
15 noname
16 Latreia
17 Pinks
18 Likka House
19 Eternal Dream
20 Brii Underground Wear
21 iconica
22 D.O.R.K.
23 Silk Dreams
24 Head Desk
25 LuvBrain
26 azalea
28 A*S
31 Shey
32 Glitzz
33 immunda
34 ToXiC HiGh
35 BN Designs
36 1 Hundred
37 Blow-Up
38 Zoey’s Closet
39 Leri Miles
41 cheeky
42 Myrrine
43 Basta!
44 Suicide Gurls
45 Slack Girl
46 Black Haus
47 J&A Rock Culture
48 PechuSHop
49 ..::KnocKeRs::..
50 XXY poses
51 KL Couture
52 Tiffany Designs
53 Trevah
54 Lushish Catz
55 n/a
56 n/a
57 QE Designs
58 MOoH!
59 Y o K a n a
60 Tantalum Jewelry
61 Entice
62 Diamante
63 Envyme
64 [trs]
65 M&M
66 Graffitiwear
67 Roosters
68 [M.Second]
69 Ruxy
70 Lakshmi
71 Prism
72 Stars Fashion
73 Ch’s
74 Juxtapose
75 Dead Dolls House
76 ecru
77 sass
78 duh
79 Sweet Evil
80 B’leaf
81 VintageTouch
82 Sweets Outfits Creation
83 Kitty’s Claws
84 SIGMA Jewels
85 irrie’s Dollhouse
86 Rir LIfe
88 Speakeasy
89 Astralia
90 Tameless


6 thoughts on “The Aloha Fair II

  1. Khitt says:

    Reblogged this on {K}iss {K}iss and commented:
    Although I blogged the Vanity Hair–Waimea– which is sold at Aloha Fair, I didn’t see much coverage about the event in general. If you’re looking for more info or a peek into what the event has to offer, check out Moni’s post.

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