The End of 21 Shoe

It is with a sad shoe-loving’ heart that I tell you all that 21 Shoe is closing. According to the website:

Dear 21Shoe Fans,

We are sorry to announce the closing of the 21Shoe Event. We have loved every minute of bringing you some of the best SL designers in all their exclusive goodness. We hope you’ll continue to support SL designers at their main store locations and continue to spoil your toes with all the grid has to offer.

As a farewell, some of our designers will be putting up one last 21Shoe offering for July, but we will not be able to offer a catalog of those offerings. Please watch group notices for more information directly from these vendors! (read more here)

So one of the designers that is offering something for a final farewell is Essenz.

Hi all,

I’m happy that Essenz could have been a part of 21Shoe so it’s sad to see the event go now. As a goodbye I would like to put out some exclusive colors for the last time.

Sacramento is available in the colors peach and yellow for 48 hours at the main store.
Requires Slink or Maitreya high feet.


21 Shoe July 2015 Second Life

They are also having a 50% off sale off of single shoes, and 30% off fatpacks until July 26th.

It was my pleasure to provide (unofficial) coverage of 21 Shoe. I believe we need more in-store happenings to encourage people to support main stores. 

3 thoughts on “The End of 21 Shoe

  1. Kat Feldragonne says:

    Reblogged this on A Kat and A Mouse and commented:
    21Shoe is closing?! *sobs*
    With all the frustration and lag that accompanies the many events in SL (like C88 or FaMESHed), I wonder why mainstore shopping isn’t more of a thing? Would you rather shop at an event (with many designers in one place) or at a mainstore? Why?

  2. Khitt says:

    While I certainly did not shop at the event as much as I used to (left the inworld group as well), I always looked forward to your coverage so I knew what to get! Thanks for always sharing this event with us and feeding our greedy shoe habit. I know it will be missed by many.

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