New Contest from Razmataz!

Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about this pose contest from Razmataz. Who would be interested in such a contest, you ask?

1. People who like taking pictures, either professionally or recreational
2. Those who always wanted a picture taken by a professional (one of the prizes!)
3. People who always wanted to make a certain pose for that certain outfit or prop (also one of the prizes)

JulyPhotoContestbyRazmataz RULES

The contest ends on July 30th, so you still have time to enter!


How to enter this contest?

1. Get a pose from the Razmataz store (poses are only 15L each).

2. Take a photo that clearly shows the pose – the more creative, the better.

3. write your name on the photo, as well as a new pose name that you came up with for the pose.

4. Send the photo full perms to Melonie Romano or place your photo in the Razmataz Flickr group. Personally I would do both to cover my bases.

Winners will receive :

1. a picture professionally done by Natzuka Miliandrovic

2. the entire pack of poses for this contest for free  

3. a free custom pose made by Melonie herself!

Your picture will be posted up as the ad in the store and on the marketplace.

The poses for the contest can be found here.

Some tips for taking quality photos:

1. Don’t be afraid to use the Environmental Editor to adjust your sky and water presets (aka windlight settings).

2. Turn on anti-aliasing to minimize jagged edges.

3. For dimensions I recommend at least 512 * 512 so it’s not super tiny.

Good luck! If you have any questions, just message Melonie Romano.

3 thoughts on “New Contest from Razmataz!

  1. Kat Feldragonne says:

    Reblogged this on A Kat and A Mouse and commented:
    Check out this contest from Razmataz! You have until July 30th to complete it. Try out your photography and costuming skills. If you participate, be sure to add your photo to the Flickr pool so I can see your awesome photos!

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