Baking Lamingtons with Moni

Hey guys! I just finished cleaning up from the gingerbread cookies that I made earlier. The next item I will be featuring are the lamington cookies from Second Spaces. Now, I have to say that I have never heard of lamingtons before. Apparently, they are popular in Australia.
Second Spaces -  Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life

According to the recipe on,  the cakes are made with coconut. I’m not used to too many sweets made with coconut – German chocolate cake and pineapple coconut cake are the ones that I know. However, the coconut for this recipe should be dried, or desiccant coconut. Before blogging this, I did not realize that silica gel is used as a desiccant, even though it’s found EVERYWHERE. I never put the two and two together. Don’t worry – there is none of that in these cakes ^^

Second Spaces -  Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life
This is the finished product, all boxed up and ready to go!

Hmm…the Arcade starts today. Maybe I can make some quick Lindens selling lamingtons so that I can play the gacha machines? ^^

I would love to hear from people who have tried these treats before – how good are they?

Taxi to the Multicultural Menu Event


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