Dinner party for 3

After receiving the first food delivery from BluPrintz for the Multicultural Menu event, I realized that I would need some…assistance in trying all of these foods. Hey – I’m both a model and a shopaholic. It would be financially devastating to me to gain 20 pounds in a week. But what a way to go, right?

My next food delivery was from Soul Mates. I actually had gotten two deliveries, but the first one seemed to have disappeared? It was right after I got back from my forced departure from Second Life, so anything could had happened to that package.


Soul Mates - Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life

I made a few phone calls. Most people were not home, being it was Friday night and all. I know they would kick themselves after paying for a meal to get a voicemail saying, “Free gourmet meal at my place – want to come?” Wouldn’t you? You could use that money to buy another pair of shoes that you don’t need.

I managed to catch my two friends Isabelle and Kimi and got them to come over. Isabelle is an up-and coming machinima artist who specializes in… mature work, and Kimi is a woman of many talents. Right now she is working on a book on dating, and she promised that I would have first crack at editing it when she is finished. Both of them asked me, “What’s the dress code?”

“Casual chic,” I reply. I always say, “When in doubt, dress casual chic and you will never feel frumpy.”

“I don’t know what that is,” Kimi said.

“Don’t worry about it. Just wear a cute short dress and you should be fine,” I answered, waving my hand in the air in dismissal. Kimi has one of the mesh bodies from The Mesh Project, and as people with those bodies know, it can be tricky to find clothing to go with them.

For those who do not know what causal chic is, here are some simple guidelines to follow.

1. Accessories are your friend (just not too gaudy, superfluous or over the top).
2. Skinny jeans, heels, and a nice top can be a quick combination to throw together.
3. Don’t forget to wear a statement piece of jewelry like a nice ring or bracelet as a finishing touch.

As I looked at the food on the table, you would think that I was the one who cooked it all. I fanned myself, feeling warm in my face. Why am I glistening so much – it’s not THAT hot in here? I barely had time to splash water on my face when the doorbell rang.


Soul Mates - Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life

“Hey Isabelle!” I haven’t seen her in a few months, since before my computer crashed.

“Hey Moni! How are you? Wow, this place looks great!”

“Yes – we just installed a new unit here at the rental place. Aww… that dress is so pretty.” Isabelle had on a red dress that looked like it could had been from Maitreya.

“Thanks! I got it at Maitreya.” I smiled knowingly and invited her to have a seat at the table. “We’re just waiting for my other friend to show up. Have a look around while you wait, or just sit here and sample some of the food.”

Just then, my phone beeped. The app on my phone was telling me that one of the renters needed my assistance. “I’ll be right back – someone is paging me. If Kimi comes, you can just let her in, okay?” I press a few buttons on my phone, and saw that the tenant in SB-15 had requested assistance. She was missing one of the objects that she had just rezzed onto her living room floor.

Taking the elevator to her unit, I do my spiel identifying myself as the rental manager, and that I had come to assist her. After pressing Control + Alt + T, I could see that her objects were invisible underneath her floor somehow…all 10 of them. Which would explain why her meter was reading over her allocated items limit. “I don’t understand why sometimes I can’t rez my objects at all, and then other times I can, and they go under the floor,” she half-shrieked at me. I smile and nod my head, answering her questions the best way I knew how. Meanwhile my stomach had other things in mind…


Soul Mates - Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life

By the time I got back to my apartment, Kimi had arrived. She and Isabella said something about where was the food, and mentioned pizza. Pizza? I had gourmet Asian cuisine on the table – did they realize how much the food would cost them at the restaurant?

“Okay guys – let’s eat!” Grabbing my fork, I helped myself to an egg tart and Char Siew Bao. When Isa bit into her pink Shou Bao, it looked like a green filling inside. “How is it, Isa?”


Soul Mates - Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life

“It’s pretty good, whatever this is. Here, try some,” placing one of the pastry buns on my plate. I placed some of the BBQ pork buns on Isa’s and Kimi’s plate. Kimi had some of the Wagashi sweets, and shared as well.

I didn’t think we would be able to finish everything, but we did. In retrospect, I would had liked to have some more of those steamed buns from BluePrintz to balance out the sweets from Soul Mates. But overall, it was delicious. What will the next food delivery bring?


Soul Mates - Multicultural Menu Event - Second Life
(from bottom to top)
[Soul Mates] Balut
[Soul Mates] Tortoise Cakes
[Soul Mates] Biscuit Tins – Iced Gems


Taxi to the Multicultural Menu Event

Styling Credits

On Monica:
Hair – soonsiki day dreams brown
Skin – glam affair cleo jamaica
Eyes – IKON Promise Eyes
Cuff – chop zuey L’Africaine Cuff Bracelet
Necklace – Pure Poison – Boho Time Necklace
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
Nails –  ghee summertime nails
Rings – Izzie’s – Midi Rings L gold
Glam Affair – CLEO – lipstick – 20
Mock Cosmetics – Deeply Moving eyeliner

On Isabelle:
Hair: *ARGRACE* SAE – Platinum
Skin: :: Coca & Wolf :: Natural :: Sweety
Eyes: [-BLUE SKY-] “Heart Blue Ice Eyes”
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Dress: Maitreya * Lust * Short Jersey Dress
Makeup: Amacci – Frosted Lips – Tattoo – Red 8

On Kimi:
Hair – Litle Bones – Tempest
Body – TheMeshProject
Skin – Elysium – Devine Skin (& Applier)
Brows – LXB – Striking Brows
Eyelashes – HouseofFox – WingLashes
Lipstick – TheSkinShop – Reflect
Septum Ring – Yummy – Lucy
Earrings – *BOOM* – Skinny PLastic Door Knockas
Necklace – MG – Silver Drop Pendant
Ring – MG – Silver Drop Ring
Top – *B.D.R* – Nothing To Lose Mini Top (TMP applier)
Shorts – Al-Hanna – High Waisted Denim Shorts (TMP applier)
Nails – GD – XL Natural’s (French Tips) (TMP Hands – Natural)
Shoes – aDiva – OBvious SLingback Legere High (TMP)



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