PT BEARDMORE -Live at Key West

Hey guys! I decided to go out tonight to a live concert inworld. I saw that The Keys had a high traffic rating, so I decided to go and check things out.



There are many people gathered here to listen to PT Beardmore, or Beardy, sing. He will be singing from 9 – 10 pm SLT tonight.


PT Beardmore has spent the last 16 years playing music full time, 12 of those years touring with several bands as a multi instrumentalist. With a soft spot for mellow introspective songs he is using SL is an opportunity to sing songs that have shaped his musical career and to pay homage to those who have inspired him.


key 3

I decided to wear some of the things that I got today around the grid. The dress (from Cynful) and hair (from Soonsiki) are from the Wayward Hunt, which ends today. The shoes are from Reign, which participated in 50 L Friday today (these shoes are part of a fatpack, so go get them!). The lipstick is from Pink Acid, which is at Fi*Fridays.

You still have time to check him out, so come on down!


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