Temporarily Out of Commission

Update 4/18/15: I am happy to report that I finally have a working computer, and am back on SL. Once I get settled, I will be back to giving you awesome posts! Thanks for your patience ^^

Update 04/13/15: I now have my new computer, but unfortunately my monitor is not picking up a signal from the computer. After a lot of effort it was decided that I needed a new monitor that has a HDMI input because my graphics card doesn’t do VGA that well. Won’t be able to do that until the weekend. 

Update 03/30/15: After talking to Dell about my cancelled order (they had cancelled and I had no idea why), it looks like they do not have the power supply that I need for the computer. I am exploring my options and hope to have a resolution within the next week or so. It will be my break from classes, so I will have more time to address this issue. What a bummer :/

Update 03/23/15: I am waiting for Dell to ship to me the power supply that I need for my computer. After I get it, the Dell technician is supposed to come to install it. I opted to do it this way because I wanted to make sure it was done correctly, and I didn’t want to take my tower outside in the snow (at the time). It honestly does not feel like it has been a month without my computer, but as we all know time flies (and flies even faster in Second Life). Stay tuned for more updates!


Hey guys – I have some news for you all. On Saturday evening my computer was unable to be turned on. I suspect it has to do with the computer’s motherboard after some research and talking to one of my friends who is savvy with computers. While I work on getting that fixed I will not be able to update this blog. Hopefully I will be back sooner than later, but you never know with these things. In the meantime, why don’t you check out some of the other bloggers on my blogroll? If you do, tell them that I sent ya over ^^

Happy shopping everyone! 






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