MadPea – Buried (Part III)

Welcome to Part III of BURIED! This is an interactive game produced by MadPea. I left off at Sn@tch because even though the clue seemed easy enough, for some reason I couldn’t find it right away. You may be able to see why once you go there. This will conclude the actual hunt coverage, but I wanted to make a separate post to talk about my view of this hunt.

This hunt took me about 8 hours to do over a 3 day period. The second day alone was about 5 hours.


buriedpt3_021Warning – spoilers ahead!

buriedpt3_014Stop 21:  It’s time for a change.

buriedpt3_015Stop 22: Let’s go shopping in the Junior’s department.

buriedpt3_016Stop 23: This light cord is really tangled.

buriedpt3_017Stop 24: Snuggle up warm and tight.

 Thank you for playing with C-Me industries. After this message the C-ME app will not function anymore on your tablet nor will any of the information you received be available. 30% of the 2100 watchers on the show bet on behalf of your survival and won $210 000. Well played. Oh and good luck with explaining the authorities how you found Lily there.
Lily? Lily? Noooooo.. is it too late?! No! She’s barely breathing but I feel a pulse!!! I think I actually got here in time. I’m calling the medics right away and maybe she has a chance. Thank god this is over!

Stay tuned for Part IV of Buried!

P.S. If you need more clues, you can watch this video on youtube. I felt like we went through similar experiences – haha.


4 thoughts on “MadPea – Buried (Part III)

  1. Gabrielle Rhapsody says:

    I am so grateful for your blog help in getting through this hunt! For my partner and me, the lack of clues and having to strictly rely on the hud maps proved fruitless. We had actually quit the hunt in frustration when I happened to come across your blog. I love Mad Pea hunts but I think this one was just too difficult for the novice hunter, even with all the helpful Peas in group chat.

    Thank you again for this blog!

    • ℳøηї says:

      Aww – I am happy that my blog was able to help you guys. I agree that the hunt is difficult if you only used what was given to you within the scope of the game.
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

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