MadPea – Buried

Hello everyone! I am doing another hunt from MadPea Productions since the last one was really fun ^^ This hunt is called BURIED, where you look for a person that has gone missing. This is an introduction from the MadPea website:

BURIED is a mystery game that will take the player into the world of geocaching to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a writer, Lily Morano. With twists and turns a plenty this isn’t just a hunt it’s a full on adventure with the player at the centre of attention.

Lily’s husband, Joshua Morano is offering a $500 000US reward for the first one to find his loving wife. The race is on as people are pouring in to the island of Pierus that used to be a popular camping ground. Grab yourself a boat and explore the group of islands owned by Lily and Joshua to find clues about what might have happened to Lily. Once you find enough information you will start a grid-wide search that will drive you to the edge of frustration.

Are you ready to start, Player?

Once again I will be giving clues as to where you need to go in order to continue the hunt. And believe me, you WILL need them. Unless you are just good at hunting for small items with very little to go on. I will be writing up a review of the game after I conclude my coverage, because there is a lot that I have to say regarding critique.

In order to start actually playing the game, you have to get enough clues to activate your tablet. Then it will be able to show the locations via geocaching. What I did in this case was to show you the general locations of where you need to go in order to find clues. You still need to actually find the clues.

Warning – spoilers ahead!


You are equipped only with your tablet. Additional accessories to get immersed into the story with can be purchased from the store at the landing point. Start the game by exploring the island and finding clues about Lily and what could have happened to her. We recommend that you take the boat, it’s a long way to swim and the waves are unpredictable. Good luck, Player! If you should require any help, you can always ask in MadPeas’ group chat. The map icon takes you always back to the landing point.





Letter from Josh: Hey beautiful, it’s been a while since I actually wrote you a real letter. I’ve been trying to reach you by phone for a couple of days but either you’re all focused in writing and have turned it off or there has been a power outage again. I’m sure that by the time you’re reading this, we have spoken on the phone already. I really love your idea of the new book. Geocaching sounds like a lot of fun. You should definitely show me when I come there next weekend. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be there this weekend. My work has been insane. You know what they say about the stockbrokers… UGH.. but it helps us to get closer to making our dreams come true. My Lily, I can’t wait to have you in my arms again, to press my lips into yours and make you mine. I miss the smell of your hair, your smile and seeing the excited look on your face. I’m sure you are enjoying the peace and quiet of the nature. I’ll be there soon baby. I love you very much. You’re always on my mind. Yours, Josh
Lily’s letter to Mom: What is that strange language? Thank goodness for Google! It seems to be in Finnish, which apparently is Lily’s native language. I wonder why the letter has not been finished. It reads: ‘Hi Mom, I wish you would finally learn to use a computer, so it’d be easier to write to each other. 🙂 Thank you so much for your anniversary gift! These years are going by incredibly fast. You were so right about Josh from the start. We’re still as happy as we were in the beginning and our love is just getting deeper year after year. The wedding we had in Finland 6.6.04 is the most loved memory for both of us. That date has become our passcode for all possible things these days.. just don’t tell anyone! 😉 This anniversary was truly wonderful. Josh came to the island and we spent the weekend just the two of us. We took a lot of photos that I’m sending to you as well in this letter. How is grandma doing? I heard..’ Hmmm.. I’m going to write that date down in case I need it for something. 6.6.04



 Lily’s Notebook: So, it looks like her next book is about geocaching. Treasures of the Mind is the working title. This is getting really interesting! Seems like she has met with a bunch of people to get into geocaching. I see a lot of scribbles about C-Me. I wonder what that is. I will take note of that.





This pad clearly belongs to Lily. Lilypad! How clever! Why has she buried it here? Or did she do it? How do I access it. It’s asking for a 4-digit number and I have no clue. I should search the surroundings if I find something. I’m not going to take this with me though, so I won’t be accused for stealing it.
Ok, I got the code and I’m in! I’m getting quite nervous to find out what’s in it!
My name is Lillianna Morano and this is my Lilypad. I have to hide it, because I’m so scared. If you find this, chances are something terrible has happened to me. Look into the C-Me app, it’s not what we thought. It’s… it’s.. something else.. like a twisted game. I don’t have time, they’re coming. Joshua, I love you, I love you so damn much. If someone else is seeing this, please.. I’m begging you, please take it to the police!

We’re sorry, your C-Me license has expired. If you are a new user and would like to test the app, please accept this gift code for downloading it into your device.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed C-Me – a new revolutionary geocaching application. Click on the arrow to continue.
During your C-Me Experience you will discover 25 C-Me Capsules around the district. Each of them will tell you a piece of a story. Your job, dear player, is to find the capsules in the order given to you. Follow the instructions you will receive by scanning the QR codes of the C-Me Capsules with your device. You may not have any other communication with the outside world while inside the C-Me Experience. You may not under any circumstances stop the Experience until it has been completed. By accepting these terms and conditions, you will not hold C-Me Industries liable for whatever may happen inside the Experience. Do you accept?

Shit! I don’t like the look of this especially with Lily using it and going missing. How else am I going to find her though. Maybe I should just tell the police? Damn money, half a million.. what if I just look a little bit into it at least and decide then..

I put all of the introduction text here because it’s important that you see all of that. If you don’t (like I didn’t at first), you won’t be able to leave, and you won’t know why. Control+0 and Control+9 are your friends here.

Stay tuned for Part II of BURIED!


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