School’s in Session!

My Yearbook Smile!

Hey guys! So I decided to do Berry’s challenge this week – show everyone your yearbook smile. This brought back memories of me practicing in the mirror to get that “perfect” smile for the camera. Geez – I remember when I wore braces, practicing was a must.

Since I wear glasses in real life, I remembered that taking yearly pictures as a kid was a dice roll – I never knew whether I would be able to leave my glasses on or not. I mean, if you are paying money, you should be able to wear your glasses without worrying about flash reflections. Thankfully in 8th grade I could leave my glasses on (and I was braces free ^^).

Did anyone have to wear that black drape where they velcro’ed it to your body in high school? My friends helped me put it on – had to pull down my bra straps and all. Try smiling for the camera when you feel like the drape is about to come right off of you – lol. High school seemed like a production cause we did like 3 pictures or something. One with the drape, one (relatively) plain background that would be our yearbook picture (think we had our gowns), and then I had a scholastic-type background where it was like a bookcase and our high school banner hanging on the side.

In college, they told us to wear a dark-colored shirt. I wish I didn’t listen to them – didn’t like how my photo turned out and my mom only got one picture (she was outraged at the price I think). Then that photo got lost somehow…I think I put it behind another picture in a frame and then lost track of which frame. And then we moved, so who knows where it is now! But anyway, enough of going down memory lane.

For the photo background, I just grabbed anything that looked okay – I ended up getting a blue background off of google images after doing a search for “yearbook backgrounds”. I too used the anypose hud for the smile, but I ended up merging two pictures because I liked the eyes in one picture, and the smile in another. This kinda reminded me of a modeling contest that I entered long time ago where I came in 2nd place. I practiced my smile too for quite a bit. I am not sure what ratio I used for the photo – I was just cropping away and paid that no mind lol.

Styling Credits

Hair: Magika – Never
Skin: -Glam Affair – Angelica V2 – Jamaica
Sweater/shirt: *COCO*Cropped Sweater & Shirt (BeigeGrey)
Pose: Izzie’s Headshot Poses ( inworld you can buy separately)


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