My Rez Day – 5 years in Second Life

Hey guys! Today (or yesterday? Darn time zones ) I celebrate being in SL for 5 years. That’s a long time, I think. I have seen many things during that time. After telling a friend about how the number of new friendships seemed to have declined after 2011-2012, she asked me would I ever consider leaving SL. I said nah – I have way too many things to do for me to leave now 😉

I was looking at my post from last year, and I can say that pretty much all of it is still valid. Our lives (as well as Second Lives) are a work-in-progress. If life is perfect, then we must have a robotic life  or something lol.

The collage of photos that you see are part of a rezday meme by Sylvia Oliver. You can read her post in full, but here is an excerpt from her blog post:

Every year I like to look through all the profile pics that I’ve taken throughout the year and pic the ones that I like the best and collage them. (I use picmonkey – it’s free and easy)

So this is what I did. I went through my flickr, and picked out a pic that I really liked for each month.. if you don’t do profile pics you can pick any photo that you like that you have taken. Then after you have twelve of them go to picmonkey and put them in a collage like I did above. If you want do more than one.. I just want to see your favorite photos.

Normally I take photos from each year I have been in SL, but how many times will I do that? You can have a look at my other rez day post for that. This one, as the meme says, is taken for each month of 2014, January – December. Some months were easier to decide on than others 🙂

I hope you guys have been checking out all of the sales and free group gifts out on the grid! I may do a post later to highlight the ones that you might have missed.

Okay – I’m outtie. Until next time, everyone!


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