Sad November

“Nothing lasts forever… Not even sad November rain”
From November 1st – 22nd

Hey guys! The other day I went to the Sad November event and looked around. I remember reading on Facebook that someone was experiencing lag due to the rain. I did find the event to lag a bit at the landing point, but then again 15 people were standing nearby. It got better when I moved away from the group. I think the slight lag comes from trying to render all of the stores and the landscaping objects more so than the actual rain. But it is a valid concern, because I have been to events that used atmosphere and the particles lagged the heck out of my computer. For instance, at the Xiasumi School Festival, I experienced no lag until I got to I think the shrine area, and someone had left on steam from one of the items out on display. I couldn’t walk at all until I turned it off.

Umbrella: DRD – Rainy Umbrella  (Sad November event)
Hair: *Milk* Hair~Winx (80L sale @ Soonsiki!)
Skin: -Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus
Makeup: [mock] Innocente Lipcolor- My Pink [lip 1]
M.O.C.K. Makeup Winged Liner in Key Lime Bonus (Eyeliner Only)
Jacket: R.icielli –  ADRIA Mesh Jacket / Black#Gold (SGOS Hunt gift)
Sweater: ghee – Fog Roundneck Sweater
Leggings:ghee – Fog Ribbed Knit Leggings
Boots: ::HH:: Hucci Aste Boots (from 21 Shoe event)
Necklace Maxi Gossamer – Gold Peace Pendant

I picked up this cool umbrella from DRD for only 60 L – and it’s color changeable via a HUD. I also played the LUXE gacha and won a few rings, including 1 rare:

luxe-ring_0011Nails: KOSH Gilded Fingernail polish for Slink hands
LUXE. – Dainty Ring-Mustache RARE

If anyone has any extra rings, feel free to send them my way – especially if they are gold! ^^

Happy shopping!


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