MadPea – Blood Letters

Hey guys! I have found another game to play, called Blood Letters. This is the first time I have played a game from MadPea, but apparently they have been putting on these games for a while. There was a lot of buzz around this game because it is 400L to get the HUD required to play the game.

One of the issues that I immediately saw was, suppose if someone is banned from one of the stores in the game? Rule number 10 states:

MadPea is not responsible if you are or get yourself banned
from a store/region and are not able to complete the hunt.

Please check the list of the participating stores before beginning
to make sure this is not an issue.

This is the list of vendors, with links to their main stores (according to search):

Abiss Design

Blue Balls / Animated Living

Cheeky Pea


[Cynful] Clothing & Co + CnS e-motions

Deadpool Fashion

Deluxe Body Factory

Dutchie (I’m assuming adult store)


GlamRus Poses


Laudanum Lollipops (wasn’t in search – had to look on profile)

Lilith’s Den


Maxi Gossamer

MiChIGaN’s ShAcK


Never Totally Dead…

RACK Poses

Razor ///

R3VOLT (same sim as the starting point)


Warm Animations

[we’re CLOSED]

X-Clusives Animations

Make sure you check before you start! I do think 400L is a lot to pay upfront, so it’s definitely not a free game. However, with 25 prizes given out during the game, and an additional 25 prizes when you have completed it comes out to be less than 10L per prize. Luckily for me, someone was generous enough to pay for my HUD, with the condition that I blog about Blood Letters 😀 Thank you!

 blood-letters_001Vendor to buy the HUD

So, the first thing I did was to go to the CheckMate Inc office and pay the vendor above. The HUD will ask permission for it to teleport you. It’s a bit spammy if you don’t accept the dialogue right away. And then you go inside and start clicking various objects – I managed to get a computer that way ^^. Then finally you will see some notes hanging on a string (you can make it out in the background of the picture), and that is where your game begins. You have to go in order of the days, or else the HUD will tell you:

[09:16:57] Blood Letters HUD v1.0: You are ahead of the game, retrace your steps back.

Now I will show you some sneak peaks of the game, just so you know what is in store. Once again, I don’t think any of these are true spoilers, more like teasers,  for you would have to play the game in order to understand what they mean.

Graphic items under the if you don’t like that stuff, stop now.

blood-letters_003Day 1

blood-letters_005Day 2

madpeas3_001Day 3

And here is Day 3’s prize, since it was not on the website, and people in chat were confused as to what it was:

madpeas3_002Day 3 prize from Consignment


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