Pieces of a Blogger

Hey guys! I’ve been working on this post for a bit, but now I can say I’m done ^^

When writing a blog, you think about the different ways to best present your blog to your readers. If you choose wisely, you gain a following, designers will like your work enough to want you to blog for them, and event organizers will want you to blog their event. However, if you have mistakes like jagged edges on photos, standing too far way in the picture so that no one can see what you’re wearing, or bad lighting, people may write off your blog and it will take a lot of effort to get back on track.

I was reading some blogs, and came across Deoridhe’s “Anatomy of a Blogger” post.The post was based on Nigel Riel’s “What’s in a Blog?” post, and he was kind enough to break down the different kinds of blog posts on a Second Life blog. Go ahead – you can read both of them and then come back over here.  🙂

1. The unedited Snapper

If you have good graphics and use good poses, then shooting raw shots of your styling and having a clean overall look that shows the fashion is a piece of cake. I think Gogo from JuicyBomb.com  does a good job of this. She shows that by using the right windlight, anyone can look great without needing a lot of post-processing work.

2. The Pop-Out Photographer

 I always wanted to do more posts that featured the small details. There are bloggers who seem to do it effortlessly, and I enjoy reading and looking at their posts. Justyna from Just Magnetized has mastered the pop-out photos – she has done it in a variety of ways, stepping up her game each time. Even though my blog (and style really) has been described as elegant and classic, I really like reading blogs that are bold and have a lot of color to them.

3. The Cleaner

I’m not sure if I regularly read blogs that fit into this category. To me, if your poses do not showcase the fashion in its best light, then you are doing the designers a disservice. Also, if you are cleaning up photos to hide flaws from a designer, then your readers won’t be happy when they go to the store and can’t wear the items. It’s another thing if your shape allows you to wear the items, and theirs do not fit, however.

4. The Artist


Enjoy the Silence.

People like Annan Adored and Neva Crystall are artists when it comes to their photos – well, at least I think so. They know how to set a scene and bring it to life. I wish I had the patience to set up a scene. There was one time I wanted to set up a scene with tons of dessert all over the place, and it was a lot harder to set up than I thought.

 I think I’m a mix of cleaner and artist. Whereas I do clean up some jagged elbows from the limitations of the classic avatar body (mesh bodies don’t have those lol) or smooth out some harsh shadows, I wouldn’t completely change an outfit or skin to hide designer flaws. Also, for the most part I use post processing to enhance photos. I did enjoy this photo that I took where I didn’t have to do much else except for cropping.  Now for part 2!


1. Wait, I had to write something?


I notice that a lot of high-fashion bloggers do this (as well as 2 – Be Brief, Be Gone!). They want to focus on the fashion, and too many words may distract the readers from fully enjoying it. Also, since there are so many blogs out there, you want to be able to flip through them quickly. For this category I like Carley Benazzi  and Volupturaptor Perl .

Some people have gone as far to say that blogs are dead, and Flickr is where it’s at now. I disagree wholeheartedly. Your blog is an expression of yourself, your own corner on the vast Internet. You are more than just your individual photos.


3. The Storyteller

I think this blog post from Gidge Uriza fits this category perfectly. 


 In general, when I think of storytellers, I like  Caoimhe Lionheart  and Caryn Ashdene’s  blogs. I feel like I know them better after reading their blogs, and that’s how I want people to feel when they read my blog posts.



4. The Babbler

Well, Nigel was kind enough to indirectly say that he fit into this category, so…. 😀


5. The Complainer

Eh…I don’t know if I like this categorization. There is a need for objective critique from bloggers, so that we know that some items aren’t worth buying. I like Deoridhe’s “The Critic” category better. I don’t think I have actually read a blog that fully fits into “The Complainer”.

I don’t think I have written a blog post solely on critiquing an item. I usually save that for the designer directly – this doesn’t fit, this looks off, etc. One time I showed a designer how I was unable to fit in an XL, even though I’m mostly S on top top and mostly M on the bottom. The designer gave me an alpha that gave better coverage, and that was that. If I would write a critique, I would remember that designers are human, and I wouldn’t say anything that I couldn’t take myself. I know some people are more sensitive than others, so that may not always work.

I have a couple other categories that I would like to add to this list.

6. The Instructor

I like learning new skills and techniques, so here are a few places that have useful information:


7. The Informer  (no, not Informer!)

I think most fashion bloggers are informers. That is, they get to the point of what they are blogging, and where to get it. It’s not quite the “Be Brief, Be Gone” role, because sometimes you can’t write a short post if there is a lot of information to share.

Overall, for writing style I find that I don’t have a preference for any, just as long as the end result is good.

Have fun, and stay tuned for more posts!


3 thoughts on “Pieces of a Blogger

  1. caoimhelionheart says:

    I follow almost all of those blogs *blushes* thanks for the shout out! :D. I kind of agree with you on the Flickr thing. Before I blogged I only followed flickr, now I just use it as a place to store pictures, rarely going there. I see why some would enjoy flickr more, because they can see so many at once. But I like the dimensions of a blog. It’s like going to a friends house to visit for a spell. *cough* aren’t you going to offer me a snack?

    • ℳøηї says:

      I try to look at Flickr, but it’s so overwhelming…even to look at the people that I follow. I think I would rather a blog feed because it’s not literally picture after picture with no information in between.

      And sure – I have all sorts of goodies – of the breakfast variety though since it’s still early. Muffins, croissants, donuts? 😀

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