Kitty Korner Halloween Contest!

Outside the Kitty Korner store

Hey guys! You all know how I love my KittyCats, right? Well my friend Jania, co-owner of the Kitty Korner, is having a Halloween contest and sale at the store. Here are the details:

***All cats will be 50% off for the duration of the contest.***

***All applicants must be members of Kitty Korner’s subscribo group.***

In a notecard, send

1.  Your name (username, not display name)
2.  A beautiful picture of your cat
3.  A Gyazo snapshot of your pedigree

We want to see the kitty’s you breed, not ones you bought. 🙂

Submit your application to either Ayaami Resident or Jania Cleanslate


1. You must be the owner of the Grandparent and Parent of the kitty you submit.

2.  Only 2 kitties per applicant 🙂 So pick your 2 best! *** having 2 isn’t a must just an option 🙂 ***

3.  In order to participate, all applicants must pay 25L per kitty submitted at time of application.


First place winner will get: 500L and a free kitty

Second place winner will get: 250L and a free kitty

Third place winner will get: 150L and a free kitty

** Free kitty’s excludes : our theme kitty section, specialty size section, and collectible kitty’s ****

Contest ends 11:59 pm on October 31st.


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