Happy Halloween!

Untitled-1Witch hat: ghee – Witches Hat Halloween Gift
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Betty Mesh Hair – Cinnamon
Skin: -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Jamaica 04 G
Necklace: Chop Zuey – Eeewy Goooey EyeBall Necklace (group gift)
Bracelet: ~Tantalum~ Love Hand Bracelet
Sweater: ghee – Conker Turtleneck (part of Autumn Hunt )
Skirt: ghee – Pumpkin Skirt (part of Autumn Hunt)
Tights: ghee – Noir Tights
Shoes: Ingenue :: Charlotte Flats (Slink Add-On) :: Pumpkin (50 L today!)

Hey! I just went trick o’ treating at Havenhollow! It’s an interactive sim from Holiday Appreciation Association Events (or HAA Events).

We encourage you to visit door to door for some good ol’ fashioned Trick-or-Treating. Be patient and knock extra hard! Sometimes the neighbors might not hear you the first time, but we’re fairly certain you’ll get a kick out of the tricks and treats up their sleeves! After you’re done Trick-or-Treating, the fun doesn’t end! Search for the secret entrance to part 2, which will lead you to a terrifying experience you’ll never forget.

Here are a few photos from the event:


What are those white things?

havenhollow_002Hmm…maybe it’s time to get up out of bed…

havenhollow_004Haunted cafeteria….and you say the exit is where that floating table is…

havenhollow_005More beds? But they scare me…

havenhollow_006Is this really the exit? Or am I in Hell?

For the first set of photos I had to change the windlight so you can see the details better. It’s a lot darker than that outside. The rest of the photos are using the region windlight, just had to brighten it to the max so you could make out some details. Again – very dark.

Hair sale at booN!

rhn435andlyu038booN RHN435 and LYU038
Skin: Glam Affair – Skye – Jamaica 03 F (from Sept ’14 Arcade)
Dress: {Indyra} DeLourdes
Jewelry: Indy&Co.: Glam Warrior Earrings: Silver-Noir
{Indyra} Minka Crystal Flower Necklace: Black
Pose: Manifeste

Hey guys! I would like to wish you all a happy Halloween 🙂 I may or may not do a blog post specifically geared to Halloween – I’ll see how I feel later. But, I wanted to let you know about the hair at booN – fatpacks are only 78L!

Today is the last day of the sale ( I know….but it took me a while to pick out which hairs I wanted to get :D)

I like booN becasue they have unique hairs. The more elaborate hairs can be used for a special night out when you are dressed to the nines. Simpler updos can be used for a more casual look, or a tamer evening hair.

From left to right, starting from top left: YNO421, SGK120, SCO052, KOM372, ARK554

DCNY Closing Sale

Hey guys! Just found out about this sale at DCNY – a closing sale 😦 It’s always sad to see long-standing stores close in Second Life.

Anessa Stine had this to say:

The time has come for DCNY to close it’s in-world Mainstore. It has been a pleasure operating DCNY alongside Dawn Memorial, for the last 5 years, and before that it was helmed by Dave Casanova, making it one of the oldest ‘brands’ in Second Life.

To offer you the best possible prices we are holding a store-wide SALE, everything in our Mainstore has been marked down by 60%, these prices will only be available from October 15th – October 30th, 2014.

I  got the raceback tank set, and a fatpack of socks – hey, you never know when you might need some, especially in the colder months ahead!


Styling Credits

Lingerie: DCNY_Racerback Set_Orchid/Ocean
Socks: DCNY_Sporty Socks_Orchid/Ocean
Skin: Glam Affair – Artemis – Jamaica 05 F
Hair: [e] –  Brenna
Bracelet: ~Tantalum~ Love Hand Bracelet
Pose: Everglow
Bathroom: Bazar


Pieces of a Blogger

Hey guys! I’ve been working on this post for a bit, but now I can say I’m done ^^

When writing a blog, you think about the different ways to best present your blog to your readers. If you choose wisely, you gain a following, designers will like your work enough to want you to blog for them, and event organizers will want you to blog their event. However, if you have mistakes like jagged edges on photos, standing too far way in the picture so that no one can see what you’re wearing, or bad lighting, people may write off your blog and it will take a lot of effort to get back on track.

I was reading some blogs, and came across Deoridhe’s “Anatomy of a Blogger” post.The post was based on Nigel Riel’s “What’s in a Blog?” post, and he was kind enough to break down the different kinds of blog posts on a Second Life blog. Go ahead – you can read both of them and then come back over here.  🙂

1. The unedited Snapper

If you have good graphics and use good poses, then shooting raw shots of your styling and having a clean overall look that shows the fashion is a piece of cake. I think Gogo from JuicyBomb.com  does a good job of this. She shows that by using the right windlight, anyone can look great without needing a lot of post-processing work.

2. The Pop-Out Photographer

 I always wanted to do more posts that featured the small details. There are bloggers who seem to do it effortlessly, and I enjoy reading and looking at their posts. Justyna from Just Magnetized has mastered the pop-out photos – she has done it in a variety of ways, stepping up her game each time. Even though my blog (and style really) has been described as elegant and classic, I really like reading blogs that are bold and have a lot of color to them.

3. The Cleaner

I’m not sure if I regularly read blogs that fit into this category. To me, if your poses do not showcase the fashion in its best light, then you are doing the designers a disservice. Also, if you are cleaning up photos to hide flaws from a designer, then your readers won’t be happy when they go to the store and can’t wear the items. It’s another thing if your shape allows you to wear the items, and theirs do not fit, however.

4. The Artist


Enjoy the Silence.

People like Annan Adored and Neva Crystall are artists when it comes to their photos – well, at least I think so. They know how to set a scene and bring it to life. I wish I had the patience to set up a scene. There was one time I wanted to set up a scene with tons of dessert all over the place, and it was a lot harder to set up than I thought.

 I think I’m a mix of cleaner and artist. Whereas I do clean up some jagged elbows from the limitations of the classic avatar body (mesh bodies don’t have those lol) or smooth out some harsh shadows, I wouldn’t completely change an outfit or skin to hide designer flaws. Also, for the most part I use post processing to enhance photos. I did enjoy this photo that I took where I didn’t have to do much else except for cropping.  Now for part 2!


1. Wait, I had to write something?


I notice that a lot of high-fashion bloggers do this (as well as 2 – Be Brief, Be Gone!). They want to focus on the fashion, and too many words may distract the readers from fully enjoying it. Also, since there are so many blogs out there, you want to be able to flip through them quickly. For this category I like Carley Benazzi  and Volupturaptor Perl .

Some people have gone as far to say that blogs are dead, and Flickr is where it’s at now. I disagree wholeheartedly. Your blog is an expression of yourself, your own corner on the vast Internet. You are more than just your individual photos.


3. The Storyteller

I think this blog post from Gidge Uriza fits this category perfectly. 


 In general, when I think of storytellers, I like  Caoimhe Lionheart  and Caryn Ashdene’s  blogs. I feel like I know them better after reading their blogs, and that’s how I want people to feel when they read my blog posts.



4. The Babbler

Well, Nigel was kind enough to indirectly say that he fit into this category, so…. 😀


5. The Complainer

Eh…I don’t know if I like this categorization. There is a need for objective critique from bloggers, so that we know that some items aren’t worth buying. I like Deoridhe’s “The Critic” category better. I don’t think I have actually read a blog that fully fits into “The Complainer”.

I don’t think I have written a blog post solely on critiquing an item. I usually save that for the designer directly – this doesn’t fit, this looks off, etc. One time I showed a designer how I was unable to fit in an XL, even though I’m mostly S on top top and mostly M on the bottom. The designer gave me an alpha that gave better coverage, and that was that. If I would write a critique, I would remember that designers are human, and I wouldn’t say anything that I couldn’t take myself. I know some people are more sensitive than others, so that may not always work.

I have a couple other categories that I would like to add to this list.

6. The Instructor

I like learning new skills and techniques, so here are a few places that have useful information:


7. The Informer  (no, not Informer!)

I think most fashion bloggers are informers. That is, they get to the point of what they are blogging, and where to get it. It’s not quite the “Be Brief, Be Gone” role, because sometimes you can’t write a short post if there is a lot of information to share.

Overall, for writing style I find that I don’t have a preference for any, just as long as the end result is good.

Have fun, and stay tuned for more posts!

At Night

Hey guys! A few nights ago, I had a dream…it was the first time in a while that I remembered anything. Afterwards, I thought about what a friend recently told me. She said that for her new job in her ideal career, she would have to spend a significant amount of money and time traveling there. The dream made me think of the following question:

Would you be willing to work fewer hours, less pay, and/or more time traveled to work at a place that you consider ideal? Or would you rather what’s considered a standard job (40 hours/week, 9 am-5 pm)?

If you want to know what the dream was about, keep reading! Feel free to interpret it as well ^^



I was outside of what seemed to be an auditorium, waiting to be allowed inside. People were dressed in business attire, and it reminded me of some seminars that I had attended in the past. People entered and sat on fold-up chairs and as they sat the leader would give them a task based on their abilities. Someone that was right before me was assigned to promoting the event and making everything look pretty. The leader asked me to follow her outside and I thought she was going to ask me about web design since I had it on my resume.
When I came outside she was sitting at the table. She accused me of being lazy because I was only working one day a week. I said it was hard to find jobs out there. She scoffed and said my task was to meet with her once a week and show proof that I was looking for a job. When I complained she said I had gotten a scholarship to the program so I should be thankful. I was about to blow up at her when I woke up.
I  had mixed feelings about the dream. On one hand, despite her lack of people skills, she was actually trying to help me look for a job. On the other hand, I had never asked for a scholarship and she had made some serious judgments against me because I didn’t fit into her box. I guess we all have our moments when people judge us for what they see on the surface. They assume one thing instead of asking why we choose to do certain things, not just our career choices.


Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair – Kallisto – Jamaica 04 G
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kat Mesh Hair – Ash (currently at the Seasons Story)
Lingerie: ~Blacklace~ Hanky Panky (currently at the Vintage and Cool Fair)
Jacket: r2 A/D/E shu jacket black (currently at Collabor88)
Boots: Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Black Gold Snake

blackLiquid MAKEUP –  just gloss
[mock] Ethereal Eyeshadow
~Oceane~Bardot ES Noire
Pink Acid Heat Matte Lipstick V2 – True Blood

Bracelet: ~Tantalum~ Love Hand Bracelet
Nails: KOSH Gilded fingernails (old Arcade item)

Location: Captured Moments


Notting Hill

Notting Hill Villages

I was going to make this a purely Look of the Day post, but then I saw on Flickr this cool location. Since fall is my favorite season, I am always on the lookout for places that are decorated for the season. You can find more about Notting Hill on this post that Elvira made. I will add that you will probably have one more day to visit, if I did my math correctly ^^

When I arrived, it took a bit to rez because of all of the detail on the sim. I loved all the colorful trees and the leaves on the ground, as well as the little areas such as the bike stand and apple stand. The only thing is, I think you would need a computer with superior graphics to truly appreciate the sim. When I got inside the gates, I couldn’t really walk. Riding around for some reason was easier, especially when I dropped my draw distance all the way down.

I started off using the region setting of the sim, but then when I got inside, it seemed too dark. That’s why the lighting seems different in each picture. Overall, I think it’s a great sim, and the lucky people who get to reside there will certainly have fun in Notting Hill!

Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair – Kallisto – Jamaica 04 G
Hair/hat: >TRUTH< Edith w/Roots – chocolate
Jacket: erratic / vanity – leather jacket / chocolate open
Shirt:B.I.P” Sheer delight nighty (gold.)
Leggings: ghee – Autumn Hunt Conker Leggings (only 10 L!)
Shoes: [L.Warwick] Ambrosia -High Platform Wedges- Autumn Brown (free now at The Seasons Story)
~Tantalum~ Love Hand Bracelet
[ glow ] studio Monet Necklace – gold

M.O.C.K Cosmetics Raspberry Wine Lipstain  (Lipcolor only)
Mock Blush- Leather
[ mock] Del Rey Eyeshadow [Anararaja Caliente]
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelash – Upper+Lower

Pose: Razmataz
Bike: What Next

Autumn Leaves hunt


Sightseeing at Sacred

Hello everyone! Have you all done the Autumn Leaves hunt over at ghee? If you haven’t, you still have time! The hunt started on September 19th, and you have all the way up until November 30th to do the hunt. But why would you wait so long when you can wear some of these items now for only 10L each?


ghee Autumn Leaves Hunt


I think it is hard to find quality hunts nowadays in Second Life, but I think there is something for everyone here. Nails, shoes, coats, sweaters, hats – everything you need to look fashionable for this SL season.

The sim that I am on is called Cherry Waves. Sophia Harlow was kind enough to let us explore her sim for a short period of time. If it’s still open, I would go check it out – it has all the elements for what you would want in an autumn sim. I even found the famous coffee shop from 8f8 – one of the popular items from last month’s Arcade ^^

Today I decided to go with minimal makeup for a bare and fresh look. I imagined if it was early in the morning on a typical fall day and it was a lot of mist outside, I probably wouldn’t feel like dressing up too much because of the weather.

See you next time!


Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus G
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Legend Hair – Persephone – Fall
Coat: ghee Autumn Hunt Coat Oatmeal 
Cowl & Sweater:  ghee Autumn Hunt Conker  Ribbed Knit Cowl &  Oatmeal Turtleneck
Boots: Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Black Gold Snake
Hat: ghee Autumn Hunt Conker Beanie
Eyeliner – Eyeliner 2 – Daurage FIAT LUX

Kitty Korner Halloween Contest!

Outside the Kitty Korner store

Hey guys! You all know how I love my KittyCats, right? Well my friend Jania, co-owner of the Kitty Korner, is having a Halloween contest and sale at the store. Here are the details:

***All cats will be 50% off for the duration of the contest.***

***All applicants must be members of Kitty Korner’s subscribo group.***

In a notecard, send

1.  Your name (username, not display name)
2.  A beautiful picture of your cat
3.  A Gyazo snapshot of your pedigree

We want to see the kitty’s you breed, not ones you bought. 🙂

Submit your application to either Ayaami Resident or Jania Cleanslate


1. You must be the owner of the Grandparent and Parent of the kitty you submit.

2.  Only 2 kitties per applicant 🙂 So pick your 2 best! *** having 2 isn’t a must just an option 🙂 ***

3.  In order to participate, all applicants must pay 25L per kitty submitted at time of application.


First place winner will get: 500L and a free kitty

Second place winner will get: 250L and a free kitty

Third place winner will get: 150L and a free kitty

** Free kitty’s excludes : our theme kitty section, specialty size section, and collectible kitty’s ****

Contest ends 11:59 pm on October 31st.