We Love Ulaa!

Today is the last day to visit the ❤ Ulaa event to help raise money so that she can visit her terminally ill mom. To date, $1580 out of $2500 has been raised to help her reach her goal. Now, I know some people are highly suspicious of these fundraisers, because either 1. people lie and 2. people should do for themselves. I personally like to do for others the same as I would want for them to do for me. Also, never give or do more than what you can afford to give or do. That way, if the first scenario does occur, you haven’t lost much…if at all because your heart was in the right place.

I’ll share a brief story with you guys. My friend’s husband in real life lost his mom not too long ago. I believe she had cancer. My friend wanted to raise money for him to go see his mom before she passed away – problem was, his mom was in a different country. Long story short, her husband was not able to raise the money in time before his mom passed away. I think everyone should be able to see their parents whenever they want, and it’s a shame that money is a factor when doing such.

The two items that I have for ❤ Ulaa are the Discord Designs Iona  and Enfant Terrible Ulaa shoes. Cajsa has a nice close up of the shoes on her blog post.

The dress that I am wearing is from ghee – the Regal dress to celebrate the new satellite store at Regal Estate . The good thing is that this dress is only 10 L! ^^

Shopping is fun, and shopping for a cause is even more fun, so be sure to stop by today to the ❤ Ulaa fundraiser.


Styling Card (Additional items) 

Skin: Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus
Jewelry: Chop Zuey Gloriana (purple), Tan
Makeup: Blacklace Beauty Rainbow Kisses lipstick, eyeshadow & eye jewels
Pose: Manifeste


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