On the Road Again


Hey guys! I have to admit that I have felt pretty burned out and uninspired this past week. Don’t get me wrong – uninspired doesn’t mean that I haven’t liked any of the wonderful things that are out on the grid. More like…too much of a good thing is not such a good thing. There are so many events, sales, and new releases lately that it’s hard to keep up. And in cases like Collabor88 this month, near impossible to get in.

A lot of frequent bloggers have designers whom they blog for, so it’s important to meet the requirements for blogging them. But with all of these events, I think it makes bloggers overwhelmed as to what they should blog first, so people just throw something on so they can quickly blog and move on to the next big release or event. I don’t want to ever feel like that, so if I am not an official blogger for an event, I have a tendency to wait a few days before blogging.

So, what do I have on today? My hair is from Truth, called Malibu, is from the Uber event. I liked the scarf around the hair – helps to keep all of your hair in place with a bit of flair. My corset is from Blacklace, called Bellios, is from the Black Fashion Fair. The Pink Acid clutch is also from the fair – perfect for those who like music themed items. My shoes are from L. Warwick, called Cordelia. These shoes can be found at Slink West at the My SLink Obsession section.  I am glad that they have shoes for the Slink high feet, for most of their shoes are for the mid feet.  I have all 3 feet from Slink, but I mainly wear high heeled shoes. If you do not like the wooden bottoms, I believe that they have a colored  version at La Metallique Fair . I have not gone there yet, just basing it off on Seraphim. Last, but not least I have on my skinny jeans from COCO – it’s one of the many group gifts.

Stay tuned for more fun stuff from…moi!


(Additional) Styling Credits

Skin: Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus 
Pose: Manifeste


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