The Hunger Games Tribute



Hey everyone, and happy August! Today I am going to the Hunger Games Tribute, hosted by OPIUM Evolution. I have never seen nor read the Hunger Games, so I am open to seeing Second Life’s interpretation of it. To be honest, I have already seen one show already, and it was so good that I am bringing along some friends so we can see the first show together.

The show will have two parts – part one is being shown this weekend, and part 2 next weekend. More details can be found on the OPIUM Evolution website.

Also at the show, you will find that the outfits worn by the models are for sale, even the beautiful gown featured in the previous picture. What do they have for sale, you ask? I did take a lot of photos at the show, but I am hoping to take a few more before I upload en masse  to Flickr. Here is a taste of what to expect at the show though!


hunger_025 hunger_032

One thing I liked about the show was that since I allowed my camera movement to be controlled by the show (how DO they do that? I think that is so cool ^^ ), all I had to do was take pictures.

So, the next show is at 4 pm SLT today – maybe I will see you there? 😀