The Terrace Lounge and Grille

Outside the Terrace Lounge & Grille

Hey everyone! If you don’t already know this, I love food in SL. I have found that since mesh, there really hasn’t been a strong presence of animated/consumable mesh food (think Kitchen Korner). If anyone knows of any, let me know!

Today I want to talk about a restaurant that I went to in SL. I have always wanted to go to a full service restaurant in SL, but no one is ever there when you go, nor responsive when you page them. Enter the Terrace Lounge and Grille.

Waiting for first course to arrive

When I arrived, I was greeted by Jorden Andrew. As my dining companion and I were shown to our seats on the patio, I couldn’t help to think that this was just like a real life restaurant ^^  The restaurant decor looked modern, which is more than I can say for other establishments. We ordered a bottle of Chardonnay wine and waited for the first course to come out.

Grilled shrimp

Our server was the lovely Jewell Munro (Jewells). We ordered the grilled shrimp for our first course. A sample of what’s on the menu can be found as follows:


[ Sample Menu ]

Sushi Sampler
Six colossal Shrimp Cocktail
Vegetable Egg Rolls
Grilled Beef & Chickpea Fava Bean Croquette

Main Courses
Lamb Shanks
Grilled Salmon
Beef Wellington
Spinach Walnut Lasagne (Vegetarian)

Key Lime Tart
Heart Shaped Black & White Tart
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Strawberry Crepe
Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake

A selection of Red, White & Sparkling Wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

I think they have just changed their website because I was able to see this on their website, but it’s no longer there. Instead they recommend you ask your server for the most up-to-date menu.

 Before we began eating, we were given a set of utensils to use. I was impressed with the different animations that they had, so I kept trying them until I found the one for the fork and knife that matched up to the way I was holding them.

Roasted Red Pepper soup

Neither one of us have had roasted pepper soup in real life (although the Sabra roasted red pepper hummus is so yummy!), so we decided to get it today.

Finally – the main course arrives! Of course, I was looking for the chicken on the menu. Because, I love poultry. But I looked, and looked, and they had none 😦 That would be my only critique about this place – how does a place that has options for vegetarian, beef, lamb, and seafood not have any poultry? Maybe the chicken farms aren’t up to par lately – it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. So I ended up having the Spinach Walnut lasagna, which made me feel a bit better for not being able to get chicken with my meal. After all, who can be sad while eating a pasta dish? My companion ordered the grilled salmon. He was jealous of my salad, so I let him have some of mine.

Chocolate- covered Strawberries

I had said it would be a good idea to share dessert, so we split the chocolate strawberries. At this time Jewells told us that she wanted to give us a gift to remember our experience at their establishment. It was a framed photo of us sitting – probably taken shortly after we were seated. I haven’t rezzed it at home yet, or else I would had taken a photo of it. During our meal, I had noticed that other people were at the restaurant, but I only knew that because I was looking at my radar. I never actually saw them, which I think is a good thing. My companion and I did talk about how would the place be like if it was at capacity.

The Terrace Lounge and Grille serves breakfast and afternoon tea, and also has several other venues to spend time with that special someone. I would love to come back here to have breakfast with some friends, or check out the cottage. It’s important to support places like this in Second Life because if we don’t they won’t be around for too long. I can think of at least 2 resort places that I wanted to visit, but by the time I was ready to go, they had closed their doors.

And yes, I know this is not a fashion post. But what fun is shopping for all of the fashion if you don’t have a place to wear it? 😀