Fashion for Life – Fashion Show

ffl fashion logo


The other day I had the pleasure of attending the Fashion for Life fashion show, presented by Boulevard (BLVD) Models. I must say that it was one of the nicest shows that I have been to this year, in terms of the stage set up.


Landing point

When I first arrived, I landed in that space above. Looking at the mini map (because my fear is that I would accidentally land on the runway), I could see where the models were and where the audience was sitting. But…I couldn’t actually see where the seating was. So then I decided to look up.

Hanging from the trees

Oh! There they are! So I cammed to one of the leaf chairs and sat down. I do think this aspect was a bit confusing at first, because several people fell down onto the actual runway looking for where they were supposed to sit. It all worked out eventually. You can see me on the right side, dressed in white (although I look gray haha).

The stage

Okay! So let’s bring on all of the fashions, shall we?

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