Fun at the water park


Hey guys! The other day I realized that I haven’t been to an amusement park in SL in a while. So I decided to check out Wet and Wild Adventures Waterpark. It’s an adult park, so sorry – no kids allowed? Although from what I saw, didn’t really see too much adult stuff going on.

Even though I appreciate the amusement parks in SL, I know that it’s hard for them to generate enough money to keep their sims running. If I had the chance to create an amusement park…

I probably would have two main sections – a G rated sim for most of the rides, and then a moderate rated sim for the non-kid friendly rides and for live performances. I probably would charge a small fee to go on the rides and stuff – 25L per ride or 250L for a full pass. Before you kill me, I think people would pay for quality. If it was set up so people would have the feeling of “experiencing” the park, I think 250L is more than reasonable. For people who don’t want to go on rides, there would be areas they could go to to relax – pool area, eatery, etc. For those who say oh 250L won’t be enough to sustain sim costs (or profit from it for that matter), I would probably have other packages…perhaps  VIP passes to a secret location in the park or something. And oh! Gift shop ftw ^^

Okay guys – think I have had too much sun. SOMEONE forgot her shades at home…smh. See you at the ice cream shop!

Styling Credits

Skin:Glam Affair – Coral – Jamaica – Lotus C
Hair: AD – chance – splash
Bikini & flipflops: ~Blacklace~ Charlie: Pink & Aqua String Bikini

Slink attachments:
Slink Flat Barefeet
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Slink mesh eyelids (tinted)

Pose: Miamai, What Next


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