The Roma

roma-house_001The Roma by Quantum Luxury Homes

Hey – it’s me again! Today I got a notecard inviting everyone out to look at the latest home from Cain Maven. For those of you who don’t know, I love Maven homes. I have one actually in my inventory, but I don’t have the land size for it :/

Okay, so here are some facts and details about The Roma:

  • Land impact: 1353
  • Size: 115 m x 87 m
  • Recommended parcel size: 1/4 full region or full homestead
  • Materials ready ( but won’t be able to see those details in my pics)
  • Main patio with two swimming pools
  • Side patio with bar
  • Five fireplaces
  • Two large suites with anteroom, bedroom, and en-suite bathroom
  • Junior suite with anteroom and bedroom
  • Three large bedrooms
  • Two bathrooms
  • Kitchen

I took a bunch of pictures and posted them on Flickr, so go check them out! 🙂 And then go check out the actual house – the price on the house is currently reduced, but it won’t stay that way forever!


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