Deesses Skins @ Skin Fair 2014

Deesses Skins – Kim (milky coffee)

Welcome back to my preview! As some of you know, if you are in the Pale Girl Productions Info Group inworld, you already have access to the Skin Fair. The Skin Fair will officially be open tomorrow, March 14th  through March 30th.

Today I am showing you all Kim from Deesses Skins. Kim comes with a number of ways to customize your look:

  • tattoo abs for a more defined look
  • tattoo cleavage layers
  • eyebrows in black, blonde, red, and bald
  • eyebrow shaper (not shown)
  • Kim shape (not shown)
  • 3 versions of Lolas Tango (varying ranges of fullness)
  • appliers for Slink hands and feet

Kim also has 15 different lipsticks, all on tattoo layers. They have light and dark shades to go with the varying tones.

These are the light lipsticks. Since Milky Coffee seemed in the middle out of the spectrum of shades, I liked how some of the lipsticks made a bold statement due to the bright colors.

Kim comes in several skin tones- click through to see the names of them.

Styling Credits

Exile – Rain  – Dark Browns ( at this month’s Arcade)
/Wasabi Pills/
Emma Mesh Hair (Browns pack)

Lashes – Miamai – Catwalk Lashes_Glitter 01
Pose – Manifeste


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