Sale at Rebel Hope!

Lounging at the G Spot

Hey everyone! I found out that Rebel Hope was having a clearance sale off certain items, so I decided to go down and take a look around. I found this cute babydoll lingerie for like…10 or 15L? If you are looking for cute and cheap lingerie, now it’s your chance to come get some before it’s gone forever ^^

So, a little bit about the G Spot. You can tell by the name that it’s adult-themed, and it’s a cool, but laggy place to go if you are looking for like-minded individuals to talk and do stuff with. I tried using the furniture on the main level, but the scripts were all lagged out. It took me a long time to get a group invite from the group joiner just to be able to use the skyboxes.

But once you do get to the skyboxes, everything is very nice. This is the Miami skybox – a nice place to chill and relax, among other things 😛 Since the instructions say that if you are in the skybox by yourself you can get kicked after a certain time, a guy was happy enough to come with me to keep me company for a bit. I think he lost interest though once he found out I was a fashion blogger, and soon left to hook up with another female. Thank you though! 🙂 I think this place is good for taking people to the skyboxes to have fun with…not so much for meeting people (basing it on my overall experiences there).

Styling Credits

Lingerie: Rebel Hope – Whisper (pink)
Hair: “LoQ Hair” Bacardi – Dark Brown (currently at TDR Fusion)
Skin: al vulo– Aisha* Candy dark brow sunkissed
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) M – Mid
[mock]May LipColor  [nightshade] {1}
~Oceane~Bardot ES Noire
Nails: Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink


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