Black Friday Sales & The Arcade

Walking in NYC SL

Happy December, everyone! As the Black Friday sales in Second Life wind down, I think it’s time for me to share some of my finds ^^ Also, the Arcade opened its doors to the public today. I was able to play the machines by flying on the adjacent sim (something I like to call the “bootleg” Arcade haha), and I actually won the Exile rare!

 I think this is the best item that I have seen at the Arcade to date. I say this because anything that would make me want to go and spend Lindens at the Arcade and not wait for the yard sales has to be something special. I have most of the different hairs, and it’s all the hairs that I could possibly want. I have on the Light Blonde hair (not sure of the exact color), and the Glimmer Dress HUD comes with 10 different textures.


I bought several items from Indyra Originals. I thought I was going to get sensory overload when I saw the whole store was discounted to 95L per single item. So even this Ireben Carry-all color change bag was 95L. I can only imagine how much it is at full price. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that the red that came with this bag didn’t match the red in my dress or shoes. So when in doubt, go classic! ^^

bfriday_003Hucci has a big sale on certain shoes. These Ikela onyx boots are limited edition, so hurry and get these and the multi animal prints that they have. I was telling one of my friends that I had gotten confused when I demoed these boots. The demo had the regular colors, and I don’t think the names of the colors was on there. So when I saw a black boot, I thought, “Oh! This must be onyx!” So when I bought the boots and saw these, for a second I felt I was baited and switched. Then I looked carefully at the vendor and of the photos and I was like, “Doh!” It didn’t help that a bunch of women with Phat Azzes were surrounding the shoes, so I couldn’t even get near the shoes. Don’t get me wrong – I demo’ed the ass myself but when you have several around in the same area…it can be a bit much lol.

See you next time!

Styling Credits

Hair + Dress: Exile @ The Arcade
Skin: Belleza
Leggings & Bag: Indyra Originals
Boots: Hucci


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