The End of E U P H O R I A

bubble_001NO! It can’t be the end….

Hey guys! If you see this before the end of today, RUN to Euphoria and get their items for 150L or less before the shopping district closes!  I remember that I used to go to the sim for various hunts. One of my favorite stores was ran by Magnifico Miggins – had a lot of creative shoes that I loved to try on to see if it looked good enough on me to purchase. Okay, so back to the sale!


This hair is from EMO-tions – the Romance Autumn pack. I have on the dark brown, and it looks great – a rich dark color. The skin is from DeeTalez – Jaz in Caramel. I will say when I demo’ed this skin, I fell in love. I told my friend I don’t think I ever felt this way about a skin before. I have had nice looking skins that I felt happy about, but not like this.

ℳøηї: i feel…sexy in a …nnot sure how to put it
Kimi: hahahaha
Kimi: I agree
Kimi: I thought the same thing
ℳøηї : haha

I know people say that most bloggers just talk about what they like about something and hide the bad parts, so I will say this. At the sale, they only had two shades that were 150L, yet the demos were in every shade. I was disappointed that the shade I liked was not the one on sale. I spoke about it with a friend and she said it’s a sales tactic to get people to buy the skin. I felt like I got baited and switched, and if it wasn’t for the positive comments I got on the photo that I sent to some people, I would have not purchased the skin. This was the photo that I took inworld (untouched except to stretch it out):


The demo hair is from Miss C – Tania. I bought this har too ^^ I loved the lips on Jaz skin, so I left those alone in these photos and added eye makeup from Oceane’s (liner – you know I love the Bardot line ^^) and Mock cosmetics (eyeshadow).


The next thing I wanted to tell you all is that I finally got SLink feet!  I knew that I was going to have to get them sooner or later. Now that I have them, I will say this. Even though I understand that it doesn’t matter to designers to make shoes based on SLink feet, (because no matter what they have to make the shoe using a base), but for the consumer, I think it’s a bit odd to have to purchase one product from one merchant to wear a different product from a different merchant.

Some people will compare it to the Lolas, because they use appliers for clothing. But anyone who has worn Lolas knows that the clothing can be worn with or without the breasts. You can’t do that with SLink based shoes (yes in theory I suppose you can edit the shoe but suppose if it still doesn’t look right?). Someone had said that she would be afraid to wear shirts that were made for Lolas because they wouldn’t look right on normal breasts. I found that absurd because it’s basically a system layer…remember system layers?

I need to figure out the RGB code for Deetalez skins so I can wear my older N-Core shoes…had some cute Chic shoes in Hiver that would had gone well with this outfit but couldn’t get them to match. So if anyone has any prior experience for this newbie, help would be much appreciated.


There were…and still are…so many Halloween hunts that I couldn’t share them all with you. This dress for instance is part of the Liv Glam hunt, and all items are 5L each. There were several more items that I got from there, but chose not to show them today. Also, the jewelry that I am wearing is Artistry by E’s latest group gift. The stones really go well with the dress I think, which is why I chose to wear it.

For the photos, I decided to visit a photostudio that i used to go to a lot. They have a lot of poses, props, and backgrounds.

That’s all from me for right now – stay tuned!

Styling Credits

I think everything is credited within the blog post, so no need to repeat here 😀

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