Playing around with PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia-1addc1c(1)Someone drawing a picture taken of myself…or are they?

Hey everyone! Gogo had a blog post on PhotoFunia, so I decided to check it out. PhotoFunia is a photo editing website  where you upload your picture and apply different effects to it. So here are a few pictures that I did while fooling around:





I really liked how the pictures came out, especially the billboard and the full page photo in the magazine. But take a look at the other photo in the magazine – see how it’s cut off? I did attempt to select the area that I wanted to use, but it didn’t seem to work. I hope it was something that I did wrong, because it would be sad if such a cool site would have a significant flaw in the photo processing.

The pageant one was the one that I edited the most, but it was kinda fun do. I made the hair darker and added some contouring around the face to make it blend a bit more. I have a powdery look going on there, but I still look better than the example photo they have ^^

Until next time guys!


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