Party at Blacklace

party-girl_011Me and one of the Blacklace teddy bears at the new Blacklace sim

Hey guys! The new Blacklace & Cynful sim is up, and it looks HOT! The first thing that I saw when I arrived (because of my landmark) was a bunch of parked cars. It was the parking lot, so naturally I tried to see could I get in any of the cars and pretend to drive them. My favorite car was the black & pink car from Felgo’s  – Torro make.

Turned out that I missed the party, but there was still plenty of people walking around. I picked up some great gifts along the way. I am wearing Dia from Blacklace – a sexy gold dress that leaves very little to the imagination. What, you think the bear is there for show only? I also have on Belleza’s gift – a nice tanned skin with a splash of freckles on the cheeks, and a hint of eyeshadow/eyeliner. What I liked about the eyes is that the makeup has highlighter…something I was just looking for the other day to brighten my eyes up a bit. Last, but certainly not least, is a golden peace sign necklace from Maxi Gossamer.


This outfit is NOT at the Blacklace sim, but rather at Paradisis. But since the name of this outfit is called “Music Girl”,  I thought it would be nice for the theme of the sim. This outfit comes with everything you see here – the shorts, the top, armwarmers, and even headphones (not sure if you can really see them with my hair in the way). Also you can’t really tell, but I’m dancing using the free Humanoid dance that they have at Blacklace now as one of the gifts.

I have no idea how long these gifts will be there, but I suggest you go over and pick them up before they are all gone! Go NOW…read later!

P.S. Make sure you get the new landmark…even though I had the right landmark before, when I went to do this post I accidentally landed in the old area of Blacklace and at first thought they took it up already.

Styling Credits

Skin: Belleza – gift @ Blacklace sim
Hair Dela – “Shell” Dark Brown
Lipgloss – Blackliquid – Just Gloss
Nails – Candy Nail – #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink

Dress – Blacklace – Dia gift @ Blacklace sim
Outfit – PARADISIS Music Girl
Necklace – MG Gold Peace Pendant @ Blacklace sim
Phone: [ Z U L U ] Phone 5 Black Mesh


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