Locked up

bad-girl_004Zoe Schoolgirl by Carrie’s Lingerie

Hey guys! I was listening to a couple of Girlicious’ songs (yes I liked them very much lol), and I got inspired to combine the two videos together – bad schoolgirl that needed to be locked up. Carrie has a cute schoolgirl outfit that did the trick just nicely. A friend told me that  “It’s executive lingerie”. Hmm…do I look professional? Hehe…



I’m personally more of a heels girl than boots, so I chose to wear some from G Field. But I probably would have opted for boots if I was dancing all sorts of moves like the girls did in that video.


Is anyone going to let me out of here any time soon? No? Oh well…I guess I can get ready to go to sleep in that bed over there. It looks sort of clean…cleaner than these walls and floor that is.


Styling Credits

Skin: Al vulo– Ramona* peacock dark brow sunkissed
Hair: Magika – Wait
Lingerie: Carrie’s Lingerie – Zoe in Navy
Shoes: G Field – Eve Flower Pumps in Blue
Nails: Candy Nail – Snow Blue

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