Looking Overhigh


E.d.e.n. Gatcha Yard sale

I’m not sure why I haven’t heard of this store before. They have the cutest things! You know you like a store when you get pretty much all of the demos to try on.

I’m wearing the current group gift from Overhigh – the color is more of a neutral tone, so you can use your accessories to really make the outfit pop. I have on my platinum jewelry from Donna Flora because I didn’t want to take them off yet (see previous post for more details).

Who has been to this round of the Arcade? I actually went last week, via another sim. The only problem I have with the Arcade is regardless of whether you cam in or walk around in the game room, it is hard to find these machines. I was trying to look for Leezu to get the curtains because I didn’t see any at the garage sales, and I went back twice before I was able to locate the machine. I have all my Arcade extras here if anyone wants them. It’s not that many now, but maybe it’s what you’ve been looking for.

I really want Wasabi Hair in a brown color, and the Gizza black necklace (not the single one) and black bracelet. They aren’t rares, but they might as well be because I cannot find them anywhere. You might say, “Oh but it’s only been a week so far.” I hate to say it, but the prime time to get items that you want is within the first week. After that, everyone pretty much has what they want, and MAYBE have some extras. After the second week people have pretty much moved on to the next event.

Until next time – happy shopping!

Styling Credits

Skin: al vulo- Ramona* peacock dark brow sunkissed
Hair: Magika – Bliss
Dress: Overhigh – Group Gift Dress

Shoes: N-core EMPORIUM “Garnet”

Pose: Exposeur


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