Happy anniversary, Phoenix Firestorm!


Firestorm Pendant from Zuri Jewelry

Hey guys! On September 3rd, the Phoenix Firestorm team celebrated its 3rd anniversary. When Phoenix first came out, I was using Imprudence, and didn’t really see the need to change. Of course Linden Lab had the ability to wear up to 5 tats  at the same time, but I heard so many bad things about V2 that I just opted out of the whole thing. To this day I still haven’t used the LL viewer since version 1.23 (or something like that).

In fall 2011, Firestorm came out, and was pretty popular in the modeling world at least (I really wish LL didn’t disable viewer tags), so I decided to give the viewer a go. I am happy to say that despite a few hiccups I have not looked at another viewer since. Before I had I think up to 3 different viewers, and it was just crazy with the whole switching back and forth. The later versions of Firestorm has enabled me to see some sort of shadows, so I am VERY happy for that. I still have a crappy graphics card, but at least I can pretend I’m part of the big leagues with all of the nice windlights.


To celebrate, there are two items available. Above is a closeup of the Firestorm pendant from Zuri Rayna. Now, it WAS free when I got it, but I am not sure if it;s free anymore since the notice said September 3rd was the last day for it being free. The other gift was from KittyCatS, which I picked up, but did not rez ( you don’t have to feed it, but I don’t have the prims to rez another cat at the moment). You can look at this post for more details on the celebration and the gifts offered.


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