The Hair Fair Dilemma


Which hairstyle do I want?

Since so many people have done posts about Hair Fair 2013, I decided to do a different take on things. Don’t worry – I will do a proper post later, because it’s Bandana Day today ^^

When you see people blog about hair fair, you see them looking super glam and flawless. No one tells you what they have to go through in order to look that way. So I’m going to show you what the average blogger (and shopper in general) has to go through to get that “look”.


Hair 1 – ISON – Leighton (dark tones)[03]
Hair 2 – eXxEsS : SAROSA honey
Hair 3 – *~*Damselfly*~*Kahill dark brown – 252
Hair 4 – Amacci Hair Carol ~ Onyx


Hair 1: Vanity Hair: Fantastic Girl-G5
Hair 2: Miamai_Loroi Black3
Hair 3: “”D!va”” Hair “Clea” MESH (Onyx)
Hair 4: /Wasabi Pills/ Andrea Mesh Hair – Gingerbread
Hair 5: /Wasabi Pills/ Donna Mesh Hair – Ash
Hair 6: [Ladies who Lunch] – Jillian (Meringue)
Hair 7: /Wasabi Pills/ Kelly Mesh Hair- Gingerbread
Hair 8: Exile::Glamorous – natural fusion (leather)
Hair 9: Vanity Hair: Boys will be Boys-Bombon

Free Hairs:

Hair 1: .:EMO-tions:. * ALISON*/brown
Hair 2: [Due] Ann – Pink two tone

No wonder people are exhausted after shopping – phew! As you can see, designers go through a lot to make sure their work is not stolen.

Today is the last day, so you better haul butt and get to the fair! ^^


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