Food Fair 2013


Food Fair 2013 @ The Citadel

Hey guys! I had said earlier in the year that I would be blogging the Food Fair in July (told you so!). I was looking for blogger applications, but I didn’t see any. I guess it worked out because of the break I took I probably wouldn’t had been the best candidate for the job.

I have talked about food before on my blog, and I was hoping that the Food Fair would bring to my attention a variety of stores that I missed in my travels. The Arcade gatchas always have a few stores that have the must-get food items as well, so again, I was looking forward to seeing that at the Fair.

When I first landed, after rezzing, I asked myself, “Where’s the food?” I turned and I saw this:


Pilot @ Food Fair 2013

Now we’re talking! This made me want to get a burger and chicken nuggets in real life. The only reason why I didn’t purchase the nuggets is that I prefer animated food.


{PopTart} bento Box in Banana @ Food Fair 2013

Like this! Bento boxes are very creative because it seems like you can put anything in them. I looked up images online for bento boxes, and it’s amazing what they have. Several years back I went to a convention In Los Angeles, and since the hosts were Japanese, we had Bento boxes for lunch. Every bite was an adventure as me and my friends tried to figure out what we were eating I should had taken a photo of it and looked it up later, but there was so much going on at the time.


Creations Kitchen @ Food Fair 2013

I have gotten things from this store in the past – love how everything is affordable (especially the chocolate dipped strawberries – like really?) and yummy.


Sour Pickles @ Food Fair 2013

Some of my favorite fruits are here! I would had loved to play a gatcha for some of the drinks Sour Pickles had in their vendors.


I thought the scales and the crates of fruit were cute. If I had more prims. I could see myself getting the scale for my kitchen.


Rassasy Foods @ Food Fair 2013

Perfect for a BBq with the family. I love BBQ chicken! ^^

Bauwerk @ Food Fair 2013

For non-food items, I thought this set up was beautiful. I can see myself visiting a place like this to have a relaxing lunch.

My favorite food accessory was the red purse from Pure Poison.  I haven’t decided what to wear it with yet, so I don’t have a picture for you. However, Seraphim did a good job covering the fair, and has a lovely photo of it here.

One thing that I noticed about the Food Fair that it looked like a large percentage of it was not actual food. Maybe I’m just greedy, but I think it would had been interesting had the ratio of food to non-food items been flipped around. Then have a theme like “Summer BBQ”, and have creators make exclusive food that went with it, along with whatever else they sell. Then have a contest for who took the best photo using at least 3 different food items…I can picture the winner having a messy BBQ’ed mouth while they chow down on some good food. Okay – enough obsessing over barbequed food!

Another aspect about the fair that I noticed that it was hard navigating the fair – not physically, but trying to figure out what the stores had that was food-related. I totally missed this cute bag from Adore&Abhor that everyone has been raving about. I will have to go back another time to see if I can find it.

That’s about all from me – until next time, guys!


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