My low-scripted outfit

Walking around @ The HUB

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about something that baffles me when it’s time for shopping events. Whenever event organizers place a limit on the number of scripts that visitors can have while on the sim, there is always a big uproar. “Why do I have to shop naked at the event?” “I guess they don’t need any sales…I’ve been trying to get in for hours!” I have personally seen people strip down to nothing but the hair (that has over 100+ scripts), and not know what is wrong. I try not to have on more than 50 scripts at any given time. It helps me have a better grid experience (and helps the grid as well). Someone once asked me how was that even possible (because everyone knows how much I love jewelry). So, let’s see if I can help you guys dress for success (so to speak).

See the outfit that I have in the photo? Only 9 scripts.

[12:23:47] #Firestorm LSL Bridge v2.3: ‘Monica Querrien’ [9/9] running scripts. 528Kb consumed for 0.026384ms of cpu time.

I know you are saying, “WHAAAAT! But you have on jewelry and hair and stuff…” – yes I do.  My shoes (which aren’t shown in the photo) have 2 scripts each, my AO has 2 scripts, and I assume my mesh hair has 3 scripts.

1. Always make sure you are wearing the most up-to-date items from the merchant. For instance, N-Core recently retired a bunch of shoes, and had a sale for them. I have some of the shoes that were being retired, and when I looked at the script count, I got something like 100+ extra scripts.  If your current pair of shoes have a lot of scripts, and there isn’t an option to delete them (after you’ve made a copy, of course)…please get rid of them. There are too many free/cheaply priced shoes that look great and don’t make you crash every time you try to tp somewhere. I would even go as far to say if your footwear have a ton of scripts, just ditch them, because today’s shoes don’t have a lot of scripts at all.

2. If you love your flexi hair, keep in mind that it can have a lot of scripts. So what you want to do is, make your adjustments so that it fits your head, make a copy,wear the copy and then delete the scripts from the copy.

3. Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry…has the potential to have a LOT of scripts, especially when you wear sets.  Some scripts can’t be deleted – for instance, the sparkly effect that some stones in rings and necklaces have (no, not the “bling”)? I doubt you can delete the scripts from those. Chop Zuey, for instance, has some nice statement rings that I love…but they run at 40 scripts. So, whenever I really want to wear the ring, I tone down on my other scripts. One time I bought some older items on sale from Earthstones, and I was over 200 scripts…after I followed the steps I mentioned in #2, I was good to go.

4. HUDs/AOs – if you are going to a high-traffic area, be conservative as to what you choose to wear. When I invited my friends to a fashion show, I helped them take off excessive scripts. One of my friends said she uses a HUD radar that worked better than what was currently being offered in the SL viewers, and it was like 50-60 scripts. Again, for everyday travels it’s not that bad, but hosts at fashion shows ask everyone to take off any unnecessary items that run scripts because it uses up the sim’s resources.

5. Clothing/clothing accessories that have scripted menus for adjusting can have many scripts. Again, make a copy of everything after you have adjusted it and delete the scripts from the items. If you can’t delete, it’s time to upgrade/update!

If you follow these tips, you should be set. Now you know my secret to looking fabulous, yet low scripted. Some people have mentioned ARC (avatar rendering cost), but that does not affect the sim, just the user who is trying to render the items on their computer.

Styling Credits

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – 1ld Anniversary Skin

Hair: Magika – Wait (only 150L until Sunday!)
Dress: U. one – candy dress silver

Gloves:  [sYs] TACCA – gloves
Shoes: [sYs] HUSSARDE – boots (not shown but if you look on Flickr you can see)
Hat: !*Bliss Couture*! Imani Hat – Black
Jewelry: Donna Flora -GIORGIA platinum set
[mock]Party all night/Indifference Blue Bell
Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Glitter 01

Pose: MyAnimation


4 thoughts on “My low-scripted outfit

  1. Morgan Trevellion says:

    I need even more basic information, how do you find the scripts, to know how many you are wearing thanks

    • Monica Querrien says:

      I use Firestorm, so what I do is right-click on an item (e.g. boots), and Firestorm tells me how many scripts it has. If I right-click on myself, it shows me how many scripts I have on in total. You can also use a script counter to show how many scripts you have in total. If you can’t figure out where all of your scripts are (e.g. it shows you have 60 scripts but you can only account for 40), take everything off and then slowly add the items back onto you.

      If you want to delete the scripts, the best way is to use the menu provided with the item (e.g. the blue screen menu). If you can’t figure out how to delete them, I would ask the merchant to help you out with that.

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