GOL the 9th – Grand Opening


GOL the 9th Club – opens May 24th at 10 am SLT

Hey guys – I’m back! After a well-deserved break (real life kinda forced me to), I’m up and running again. I thought this would be a nice treat for you all…after all, we need somewhere to go after we’ve shopped for all of the things, right?

I was fortunate enough to be given early access to the new GOL build, so that I may blog about it and share it with you all. Here is some information on the big day:

“The famed GOL club series will christen its newest member, the 9th on Friday, May 24, 2013. Dakota Neumann, the creator and founder of GOL is proud to share his latest creation with the world. Since June of 2006, GOL has been the long established KING of the house music scene in Second Life. “

The photo above shows the exterior of the club – looks pretty cool, huh? I decided to get a bit artsy with the photo…hope you enjoy 🙂

aara2_006The first thing that caught my attention as I walked inside the club was the photos on the walls – seductive, but not over-the top. There is a good distance from the landing point to the dance floor – hopefully that will help with lag and rezzing as people come arrive.

aara2_007We have arrived!

aara2_008Who wants to know where that person bought her lipstick? *raises her hand*

aara2_009Some more art work on the walls

red-necklace_003The main interior, including dance floor and DJ set up

aara2_010Closeup of the DJ area- love how it looks like the woman is DJing

I hope you have enjoyed the preview – until next time guys!


2 thoughts on “GOL the 9th – Grand Opening

  1. sabrinaxoxohannu says:

    Reblogged this on xOxFashionnQueenxOx and commented:
    I was going to blog the same thing but why not help someone today by sharing their blog. I just got hired as entertainer here. I am so excited It opens tomorrow and its an all weekend festivity. Gizza is sponsoring us Friday and Saturday, make sure to come out and enjoy the best

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