SHINE @ Skin Fair 2013

Skin Fair Official Poster 2013 - Skin copy

Hey guys! This is the next installment of my coverage of the Skin Fair 2013. I have a nice skin called Anela to show you all from SHINE Skins & Fashion, by Love Foxdale.

Anela comes in 1 natural, 1 smokey eyes,  and 3 color makeups – magenta, pink,  and red. It also has a shape, but in these photos I used my own shape. One of the things that I look for in skin is whether or not it can work with my shape. If I have to tweak it significantly, I won’t get it. So that’s why I wanted to show you that you can indeed wear this skin with different shapes.


Anela in UltraPale, Pale, Tan, & UltraTan

As shown above, Anela comes in 4 skin tones. I liked the freckles and teeth on the tattoo layer (shown previously). I think it gives a more youthful appearance. I hope in the future the makeup will come separately on tattoo layers as well – I think it would be cool to mix and match various eyeshadows and lipsticks to make new shades.

Anela also has an option for cleavage on both tattoo and undershirt layers.

That’s all for now – stay tuned for more updates!


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