Free tanktop + design contest!


#notyourordinaryprincess from DK Designs

Hey guys! I just found out that DK Designs is giving away this free tanktop at their mainstore. This design is actually entered into a real life contest for the brand Vero Moda combined with the Style&Lovely.come website. You can vote until March 4th, and I think it would be cool if someone from SL can win! More information is below:

“Hello all!

This is the new gift from DK DESIGNS: A mesh tanktop in 5 sizes  that you can get for free in the Mainstore. This tanktop #notyourordinaryprincess is a part of a project that mixes SL and RL. We have sent the original design to a real t-shirt contest that the brand Vero Moda and the web Style& are running, and we would like to have your help for be able to win it. We would like to share this project with all of you creating and giving away this tanktop in SL, because of the idea for design it was based in a Lolita pic in SL.

Vote us here:

(you can copy and paste this link in your web browser, and for vote it you only have to put the cursor above the picture and make click in the heart. You don’t need to register.)

We hope you like it!!  Tell your friends about this and we’ll get it!! Thanks a lot!”

One more thing before I go…the eyshadow I am wearing is one of 40 eyeshadows that is currently in the M.O.C.K. Cosmetics group notices. It is called Party all night/Indifference Sinopia..if you love makeup half as much as I do, you will get those makeups ^^

See you soon!


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