Hypershine Lipcolor – M.O.C.K. cosmetics

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I did a makeup post, so let me show you some of what’s new at M.O.C.K. cosmetics 🙂 Mockie came out with Hypershine Lipcolor in 10 colors, plus one for the group (not shown here).

Since the Lyala skin from Al Vulo that I have on has both pink eyeshadow and lips, I used Mockie’s Mythic Neutraliser to tone down the color. I am not sure whether this is sold in the store, because this was one (of MANY) gifts she gave to the store group. This is seen in the first photo. Next to it is the Hypershine lip color in Chestnut. The rest is as follows:

02 – Contessa Pink
03 – FreeSpeech Red
04 – Mahogany
05 – Nude New York
06 – Sangria
07 – Sea Pink
08 – Whiskey Sour
09 – Old Rose
10 – Peachy Pink

The eyeshadow is also from M.O.C.K. cosmetics. Unfortunately I forget what the exact color is, but I know it is from the Miss Vanity line (comes with the tattooed lashes as well). These lipcolors are semi-transparent, meaning the color of your lips can make the lipcolor look slightly different in the shade compared to another person. This way you can still be unique, but look fabulous just the same.


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