1000 days…(Part 3)

Nope – I didn’t forget about my 1000 days in SL series. As usual, real life and Second Life distracts me…hehe. Today I want to talk about my (ex) SL sister, Kylie Leissa. Why talk about her if she’s no longer my sister, you ask? Cause she was my sister…duh lol.

I had known her from early 2010, but it wasn’t until after my computer crashed and I came back to SL after almost 2 months that we started to get closer. She really helped me out when it came to dealing with my double home eviction, and I spent a lot of time at her house. You can say I was practically living there, even though technically I had a skybox at my best friend’s girlfriend’s sim. Those who know me, know I wasn’t exactly happy with the living situation. Kylie was a major flirt, so we would go shopping and then looking for guys to flirt with. She also was the one who gave me advice to work for myself instead of other people when she saw how frustrated I was  when I couldn’t influence certain things from happening due to the fact that it wasn’t “mine”. So if everything was so great, then why the “ex”?

I know she had things going on in her real life, but from what I saw, she never really kept the same people around her for too long. When I first started calling her “sister”, I met someone who said the 2 of them were/are sisters…and then the last time I saw Kylie at her new beach sim, another person was there and calling her “sister”. Maybe she didn’t take the word as seriously as I did? What are your thoughts…do you call all your friends your sister (or brother)? I know in real life people call each other “cousins” sometimes when they are close.

1- I really like this photo. It was JB, me, Kylie, and Scotty (going clockwise) when we were checking out furniture. It was probably one of the last times we all hung out before stuff started changing.
2 – JB, me, and Kylie at Kylie’s house. I always used to tell JB that she was so tall…and now even though she still is taller than me, I’m almost as tall as she is. Funny how things, go, right?  Here is something I read about height in SL:

“Avatars and objects in Second Life are larger than in real life, by default. There are two main reasons for this. The default visual perspective of the follow-camera is a couple meters behind and above the avatars’s eyes, and this makes everything “look small” if it is scaled accurately. And the scripted command that is used by virtually every “Avatar Ruler” to report an avatar’s height actually measures only to the height of their eyes. Add to this the fact that by adding prims and scripted attachments, some avatars may be as large as a full-grown dragon, and the end result is that most buildings, vehicles and furniture in Second Life are scaled at 1.25 to 1.5 times the “Realistic” size. Most people simply accept this, after a while, since trying to make an “accurately sized” avatar gives you a form that is too small for most of the world around you.”

3 – Me and Kylie at Fuk’N’ HawT. She introduced me to the store – was one of her favorite places at the time ^^ The shirt says, “You been a bad girl…go to my room!”

4- Random photo of Kylie at her house. She loved her some Belleza skin – I always thought she would had been a great CSR the way she told everyone to buy their skins. I’m the same way with Chop Zuey jewelry, although I do wear more than CZ – I am in 4 different jewelry store groups inworld!
5- Kylie and her boyfriend Crowie
6 – I gave JB a surprise b-day party in 2010 ( I did last year too but it wasn’t as elaborate as this one), and Kylie was kind enough to let me set up the skybox over her house.

I might have another installment in me, or maybe not…stay tuned!


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