1000 days…(Part 2)

Hey guys! This is a continuation from 1000 days….(Part 1), so you may want to read that first before continuing.

Hmm….just got this message on Flickr:

“Hey Monica Querrien! About your photostream…
You have 177 photos stored on Flickr. Once you hit 200, you’ll need to upgrade to a Flickr Pro account or you’ll only be able to see your most recent 200 photos.”

No wonder people who blog or take a lot of photos have pro accounts 😀 Anyways…

I have met a lot of people in Second Life who have made my experience a memorable one. In the process, some people have forever made an impression on me. At one point, if you were my friend, you probably knew some of my other friends, because we would all go out and do stuff together. I miss that – in 2011 I started working in SL, and a  lot of the togetherness we had in 2010 was lost.

Who to start with first? The lovely JB Absent, of course!

I met JB at Orgy Beach…you could always find her in a certain spot – think she liked a certain pole…can’t remember now. We were rezzed in the same month, in the same calender year, so I thought that was pretty cool. After we first met, it took us a while to add each other…I think because we basically saw each other every day, so there was no real need. Once the Beach started to go downhill, I think we realized we had better add each other. I took her to live with me at the Noobia apartments, and she had her favorite chair she would sit in.

She helped me A LOT in terms of navigating SL, because I was using SL on a 9 year old computer – great for everything else except SL graphics. I had a horrible time rezzing stuff, and would even show you the various photos I have taken of the colors and shapes that was on my screen except for they all made me itch like mad in real life. Especially those horrible black and white blocks….shudders.

The most memorable moments was probably when we would go on hunts. They are the reason why my inventory is so high at just under 50k, because I am horrible at unpacking and sorting stuff. I was actually not that bad before I started them. I have folders and stuff set up to sort my items, but now most of the items are dated :/ Anyway, if you want to find a hunt item, just ask JB – she will find it. I was glad when I got a better computer and was able to be more of a help to her during the hunts.

One thing that we have in common is the fact that we want a place to live in Second Life. No matter what happens or where we go, we wanted a place to call our own so we could go there if we had no other place. Both of us have experienced that feeling when you log in after a period  of time away and all your stuff is in Lost and Found. It’s not pretty. So we were happy to get out beach house in December 2010. The sim name gave me a good feeling because it’s named after one of Brooklyn’s memorable places to go ^^
JB doesn’t say a whole lot when she first meets people…which can give off the wrong impression.  I have gotten a lot of flack from people because of it, but what can you do, right? She’s not my alt (like someone asked me once), so can’t control her or other people’s actions. Once she gets to know you, she can be sweet. A misconception about her is because she is quiet, she is submissive. So she has gotten into some mishaps from dominating personalities who think she can be controlled or owned.
When it comes to fashion, I think we are opposites. JB is what I would consider a functional shopper – she buys what she needs, with some indulgences. I mostly indulge, while remembering to get functional pieces too. For instance, when she was getting married, she had mentioned she had her dress already. I thought she had everything else, until the day of the wedding. I was just like OMG YOU DIDN’T SHOP FOR YOUR WEDDING WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME…..or at least that’s what I was thinking. If I ever got married on SL, I would need a month to shop…haha. And that’s probably not including the dress, unless the perfect one fell onto my lap.

Here are some photos of JB and me on our adventures…

Starting from top left:

1 – Profile photo I took of her – she needed a nice one, and I thought it turned out nicely. Do you know how hard it was to catch a good pose with an AO?

2 – We were at Scotty’s house and he was trying out his photo studio – took a ton of photos that day

3 – Christmas 2010

4 – This house…when we first started looking for a house, I still had the crappy computer. And it would take forever to rez….I couldn’t even rez empty parcels, and the real estate agent would go, “There’s no lag here.” Grrr…so we found a house/parcel that we liked. Now, being new to house hunting, I didn’t know you really should buy the property right then and there, or else it would be gone. So I was showing my friends the house and was like omg I want to live there and they were all like great! So we went later in the day, and the new owner was already moving in 😦 This photo was taken when we went house hunting for the 2nd time after JB got kicked out of her ex’s house for being gone from SL for a week, and I found the old house again. I want to take another photo with the old house…is that weird?

5 – Us trying out hairs at D!va

6 – Christmas 2011 (photo skills greatly improved within a year 😛 )

7 – Linden Realms!

8 –  Me asking her for her opinion on hair at the Fantasy Faire 2012. Loved that sim…

9 – We were at Multiscene rentals and we took a photo. We look so fab – loved how that photo came out.
Okay people, that’s it for now…stay tuned for the next segment! I hope you are enjoying my little journey through time 🙂


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