1000 days….(Part 1)

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I have updated. I go through periods where I am not that inspired to blog, or I take the photos for it, but then don’t blog it. I have a lot of respect for people who blog regularly – it’s not easy.

On Friday, September 21st, I turned 1,000 days old in Second Life. I remember when one of my friends turned 1,000 days, I was like “Wow – you have been on SL for a long time!” Now I can enter that category. I decided to give myself a present and make a collage of sorts…to help me reflect on stuff. I used http://www.picture2life.com to generate them – I am SO thankful, por else this would had taken forever. A lot of the photos are not the best quality, but I did try to touch them up a bit in Photoshop.

So, how did Monica Querrien come to Second Life? I used to (well I still do technically but not nearly as active as I was back then) play a game called Miss Bimbo (you can search for it if you want but I refuse to give them any traffic), and I was a member of a private forum for people who played MB. Every so often when we used to gripe about how MB sucks, several members talked about Second Life and how they had cool clothing and you could do anything you wanted. Then, the members got invited to a New Year’s Eve party there. So I had to go! Looking back, I was really fortunate to learn certain etiquette customs about SL early on.

What did I first do in SL? Well, most of the group that I came with to SL never really logged back in after that night. Those who were active I spoke to a bit longer, but they had their own groups they were with, and I guess we didn’t mesh well enough for me to integrate. So I spent my first month mostly shopping the freebie sims for the hottest clothing I could find, and go partying at clubs after I put together a cute outfit. I met a couple of nice gentlemen, and I say that because neither ever propositioned me – it was pure dance and fun.

How did I meet my friends? Well, after I got adult verified (didn’t realized I needed to), I went to several adult-oriented places. At a burlesque club, someone brought me to a place called Orgy Beach, where I met a lot of my first group of friends (and still am friends with some to this day). The owner was sweet and friendly, but I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side…lol. The atmosphere was great – that was my home away from home. Despite the name, the place wasn’t just about sex, although there was a lot of it – haha. I noticed that a lot of the people on the sim went off and started to make their own clubs, or work in them after a while, and as the core people that I had gotten used to seeing left, it just wasn’t the same. The owner gave up the place after a while, saying that it just wasn’t fun anymore.

I think I will make this a multi -post, because I have a LOT of photos to show, and a lot to say 🙂 Okay, so this collage is just the many changes I have gone through over the months. I am always tweaking my look, and not afraid to try new things. Even if something turns out to be a NOT, I stand behind it 😀

Starting from Top left:

1 – About 6 weeks into SL, I wanted to know how I could get into modeling, because I knew I looked cuter than the models on the vendor ads in the freebie malls..hehe. That was the first time I bought Lindens and paid 500L for a course. To me that was a HUGE deal (never mind that modeling courses cost 10-20x that amount nowadays), but I really wanted to model. The director made my first profile picture for me ^^

2 – Was at some store that had a photo booth around Valentine’s Day – first pic that I took inworld. Before I would just screenshot, but that gets annoying after a while.

3 – was at my friend’s place..think he was relocating his club and I was taking photos on the empty lot.

4 – Photo taken at my first home! Will talk more about that later.

5 – Photo taken at my friend’s homestead. Me and JB were so stoked to get out of the little Noobia apartments. ALWAYS be nice to new people!

6 – Not really sure where that was…some store that I think had a sale and I liked the booth at the center of the store

7 – A serene moment after my 50 day absence from SL and lost both my Noobia home and the homestead location

8 – Me celebrating my new beach house with my best friend – we had a party for 2 and danced the night away

9 – At the sky office at Erotique Designs, probably watching Jania tweak an outfit

10 – I had won a contest at Grunt, and took some photos at Indyra Orginials

11 – Me and my kitties!

12 – Scotty had taken an awesome photo of me when we were hanging out in some field

13 – Not sure where that was, but I was wearing my first Curio skin. Had finally found one I could like (wasn’t a fan of the color shades)

14 – I LOVE that photo – had blogged the Whore Couture Fair and bought that shirt

15 – Did a lingerie shoot that never made it on my blog…too bad – had some good photos

16 – Just bought a hair from Magika and wanted to show my friend how cute it looked

(Bottom Right)

More to come soon!


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