Haste Tales in the Dungeon

Hey guys! I found out about this store called Haste a couple of weeks ago. When I saw their ad for a rope harness, this gave me some…interesting ideas for how to show off this piece. This isn’t going to be safe for work, so you may want to look at this post a bit later if you are at work or just in a place where nudity would not be appropriate.

I could had just censored the photos a bit, but where is the fun in that? šŸ˜¦

NSFW photos after the cut…

I knew I couldn’t go to too many places wearing this harness, so I decided to visit a place that was more…secluded. Little did I know that there was a reason the castle was a good distance away from the general population.

After entering the castle, I felt chills up my spine as the air seemed to change. Not only was it a bit musty from the lack of circulation in the lofty castle, but it was a bit harder to breathe. I got the feeling that there was someone with me, watching me. Ignoring my gut instinct, I went through the door into a room with some chairs and what looked like to be a closet.

Studying the closet, I wondered what would go inside of it. It didn’t seem like it was meant for clothing. I touched the glass door and it opened. Wanting a better look, I moved closer, and took a step inside…

The door slammed shut, and I was trapped. Trying to keep my wits about me, I started to feel around the closet, trying to find a release switch to let me out. Oh – what is this? I flipped the switch that I found up, and suddenly the closet illuminated with light, radiating the dark room. I realized that if anyone were to walk in, they would see me in the closet, like I was on display. I tried to kick the glass, but it didn’t do me any good. The glass seemed unbreakable, but it could also be the fact that I couldn’t fully extend my legs out to give it a good powerful kick.

After a while I had to sit down….the small space was getting even smaller, and I was growing tired. Trying to get into a semi-comfortable position was hard – the ropes were digging into my skin, and I could feel that they would leave a mark later after I got out of this contraption. Now…how am I going to get out of here? Feeling tired, I closed my eyes, still thinking of a way to get out of the closet. I didn’t see that the small area had once again gone into darkness…that the door opened…and that someone was reaching for me, pulling me out of the cramped space.

Creak. Creak. Creak.Ā  I could hear that sound as I slowly opened my eyes. I saw a stone wall, but I had not yet fully comprehended what had happened. As I tried to rub my sore wrists, it dawned on me that not only were my wrists tied together, but I was suspended in the air. Cursing under my breath, I again tried to get a good look at my surroundings. A frown formed on my face as I made out a switch with 2 buttons on the far wall, near the door. How the heck was I supposed to get over there? And how would I know if the switches would do anything?

Struggling through my restraints, I tried to see if I could shake myself free. Maybe not everything was secure, and….oh yeah right. Creak. Creak. Creak. As my body swayed mid-air, I tried to think of a way on how I could even begin to free myself. Kicking my feet in frustration, I felt my body swinging a bit more. Hmm…is that even possible. Could I just…swing myself until my boots were able to reach the switch?

It seemed like hours, non-stop swinging to gain momentum so that I could be able to touch the far wall where the switch was. When my boots managed to hit the switch, the door opened. But I was still stuck here! It was then when I started to cry angry tears from the sheer irony of it all, and in the meantime shaking myself violently in the air. Come on! I didn’t do all of that just to still be stuck here. Something has to give…


Part of the beam where I was attached to had broken off, and I crashed down onto the floor, pieces of wood littering the area around me. As I slowly got up, I hoped that I didn’t hurt my ankle or anything. That would be a bad thing indeed if I had that….ouch! I could feel pieces of wood sticking into me. Groaning, I pulled them out, hoping I didn’t have any splinters. Letting out a sigh of relief as I stumbled through the doors, I didn’t even bother to look up in front of me before I ran right into something hard, knocking myself out.

Waking up again, I first thought I was strung up once more, only upside down. But then when I could see my boots in front of me, I realized I was in a position similar to a gymnastics bridge. Smirking at the thought of how the lessons of long ago paid off, I contemplated on how I was going to get myself out of this mess.

Screams could be heard in a room not too far away from my current location. When a loud buzzing noise reached my eardrums, I closed my eyes and shuddered. What is going on here? Ugh….I tried to see if I could slip my leg out of one of my boots, but the shackles binding me were firmly wrapped around my ankle. But wait – maybe….I could squeeze my hand out of this shackle here…

My wrist throbbed and was red from the friction from the shackle. As I moved my arm around, I could feel a stinging sensation on my back. Groaning, I then got to work on my other hand, hoping that all would work out in the end.

Styling Credits

Outfit: [Haste] Rope Harness – Black
Skin: Glam Affair – GiO skin Black Snow
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Hawk Mesh Hair – Ash
~Oceane~Bardot ES Noire
[PF] Elly <Maple> – Glam Lipstick – (Noir)
Boots: Slink Leather Thigh BootsĀ  Black


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