Let’s go fishing at Oceane’s!

Hey guys! Oceane Body Design currently has a hunt for everyone at the mainstore and the outlet ^^ There are 20 fishes to be found in all; 17 are at the mainstore and 3 are at the outlet. Oceane says,

“The fish are not numbered but have the name of a color.  The prizes I have are: lashes, lots of makeups, eyes, skin, shape, nail polish and more. Each fishie is 10L. The hunt will last until 15 august! The fish you need to find are big so you can’t miss them.”

I managed to find 19/20 fish (I know! I cannot find the last fish!!!!), and some of the colors are not ordinary colors, just to give you a little hint. I would like to share with you some of my favorites from the hunt (I am still unpacking!), so enjoy!

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the skin I used is from Pink Fuel, and not Oceane’s. I needed a skin that didn’t have any makeup, and that’s my go-to skin for such things 🙂

Going from left to right:

1.Doll skin Sugar ‘n Spice (Porcelain tan),  Big cat eyeliner, ~Oceane~ Misty eyes 11
2. Femme Fatale lashes, Jade Fall Honey – Nude Chic, ~Oceane~ Pippi Gold Toni Gloss – Oceane’s fav.
3. ~Oceane~ Lauren lips Deep Red
4. Spoom Eyeshadow: Strawberry ‘nd Cream
5. Purdey nailpolish orange
6. ~Oceane~ Gorgeous Eyeshadow: Silver
7. ~Oceane~ Nicky Eyeshadow Black Cat
8. ~Oceane~Bardot Lipliner Gracieux
9. ~Oceane~ Pippi Teeth
10. Mole tattoo (3 separate layers)
11. Musthave Eyeshadow: On the Beach


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