M.O.C.K Cosmetic Lipshines

Hello everyone! Today Mockie from [mock] Cosmetics told us that she had some awesome lipshines in her store – 11 for only 100L! She said the huge discount will not last forever, just until she finishes the vendor ads ^^ If you are wondering what’s in the box, I will show you exactly what you are getting.

This is my normal lip shade, with some of Mock’s Demerara Shadow-Dark Pink eye shadow. The skin I am wearing is from Pink Fuel – Elly’s maple tone in Angelic.  I wanted a hairstyle that would have my hair pulled back, so Amacci‘s Simone in Dark Brown did the trick. For those who are wondering, yes I did tweak my lips a bit. I was playing around with my shape because I was wearing an Al Vulo skin, and wanted to see how it would look with fuller lips.

Click on the photos to see them in a bigger size.

Bellini, Blushing Contessa, Burnout

Charm Pink, Dark Tapestry, Hippie Pink

Intertwined, Rose Taupe, Ruby Ruby

Sanguine, Watermelon

Which one is you favorite? I am still deciding on mine…


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