Cleaning out my closet, part 4

Last time I did a post with this, I had 44k worth of items in my inventory – now it’s up to just over 49k šŸ˜¦ It feels like I haven’t blogged in like forever, but after last month’s heavy schedule of covering events I decided to take it easy for a few.

Ever had a moment where you didn’t know what the heck to wear, so you start randomly trying on things in your inventory? I had that moment the other day, so after seeing what I had in my inventory, I came up with this:

It started with the pants – I don’t think I have ever worn these pants before…at least not that I remember. Then I started looking for a nice top to go with it – and I decided to wear the top part of a dress. The rest of the outfit quickly came together after that.

I’m not sure whether the main parts of the outfit is still available – I went to LG to see if they had these pants, and although I found similar stuff, I didn’t find the Boudoire type pants. Meghindo’s is a huge store, so I didn’t check to see if the dress was still around. I think this was from an old group gift…hmm.

Pants:LG Concept – LG femme_Boudoire Day pants – POWDER
Top: {Meghindo’s} Fashion Show ~ Official Dress
Hair: ::Exile:: Iona:Roots-Sable
[PF] Elly <Maple> – Glam Lipstick – (Burgundy)
[mock]Darkened Mood Garnets Makeover {eyes/lips}
[mock] Cleo’s Sooty Dark July [eye/liner]

BAX Ankle Boot Metallic Rose

EarthStones Marquessa Earrings – Pink Tourmaline
EarthStones Marquessa Necklace – Pink Tourmaline
Chop Zuey – Sedona Sunset Bracelet

Nails: Candy Nail #FP006 Clear Glitter French Pink
Shades: [Armidi Gisaci] Fi Umo Sunglasses – Black Turtoise / Black Lens
Purse: Hucci Knuckle Clutch – Pink Lace


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