SL Fantasy Faire – Part 4

So I just heard that the Fantasy Faire will be around for one more day – yay! For those who have not gone to all of the wonderful sims yet,  today will be your last chance.

My favorite sim for design was Siren’s Secret.  The strange thing about it was, even though I loved the whole underwater effect, after 5 minutes of walking around, I started to get sleepy. And it wasn’t like I was tired or anything – my friend and I had just came from The Tides, and we were fully alert. I told my friend that we had to get out of  there or else I would pass out and fall into the water. And sure enough, whatever hold the Sirens had on me disappeared as we went to the next place.

When I got back home, I saw that I had a package from Tekelili Tantalus. It said to open near water, so I went down to the beach (gotta love beachfront properties ^^ ), and opened the package. I saw a purple flash jump into the water, and next thing I knew, a strange sensation came over me. Was I… turning purple too?

A voice said that his name was P. Sailman, and he wanted to take me on a tour of his home. Hmm…did I really made it home, or did I fall into the water at Siren’s Secret?  But then on the other hand, if this fish wanted to show me his place, who was I to say no? After all, I always gave tours of my home to new guests.

As I jumped into the water, P. Sailman took me further out into the ocean, until I started to see the ocean floor change. Hey….I never saw this before, I thought. I heard a reply. That’s because you are entering my home. Wow, he can hear my thoughts! Scary…

P. Sailman explained that only fish and fish-like creatures had the ability to withstand the depths of the ocean, so he had to make me more suitable in order for me to visit him. Makes sense…hey what’s that over there, Sailman?

Even though P. Sailman showed me his home and some of his favorite places to hang out, I had to promise not to tell other people, so no photos 😦 HOWEVER…if you ever see a sailfish, befriend it. Then,  you will be able to see for yourself the mysteries that the bottom of the ocean has for you. Luckily, you can find P. Sailman’s friends at the Fantasy Faire, at the Tekeli-li! shop area.

See you again soon guys! Sailman and I are going to rest for a bit before exploring some more ^^

Note:  Everything can be found in the Sailfish avatar package (violet female or violet male) by Tekeli-li! Ocean not included.


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