Poche Doughnut – yummy!

Passed out from sugar bliss…

I’ve talked about poche before, but I haven’t been keeping tabs on the place until I saw it in a blog. It seems like they have a new place to call home – and more yummy goodies for us all!

Outside – Landing point

On the right side they have some free doughnut parfaits in orange, strawberry, and kiwi. When I entered the shop, I was surprised to see that some people were already there relaxing and perusing the sweets.

Doughnuts – 50 L

I still haven’t made up my mind what to get – chocolate, sugar, or strawberry sweetness.

Doughnuts – 0 L

While I was pondering which ones to get, I figured I would stock up on the free goodies. Mmm – the fruit tea looks delicious.

Sugar doughnut worn on mouth – 10 L a play on the gatcha machine

On the table next to me are some hot doughnuts and coffee. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts (or donuts!) per se, but this place will either make you jump for joy or turn you off because of all the sugar around you. I wish this place had a subscribo or something so I will know when they update the place. According to the sign, poche will have something new sometime next month – can’t wait! ^^


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