Easter pose hunt @ Morgane Batista’s poses shop

I finally got into Collabor88 and again wanted to buy ALL the things. But I managed to get just one outfit from Kyoot (because it was so cute!) so I could have something pretty to show off these cool poses that I got from Morgane Batista‘s egg hunt.

“As you know i am part of the runway perfect hunt & Crazy hair hunt but from tonight until monday night, i have a easter pose hunt..
Each eggs cost 5L only and contains 1 pose. There is 10 bright eggs spread all over my store. So for 50L you get 10 poses that will never be in sale again.
Morgane Batista”

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Note: Even though the above pose is from Morgane’s, it is not part of the Easter poses.

Styling Credits

Pants: Kyoot – Etienne Capris (Rouge)
Shirt: Kyoot – Josephine Cropped Sweater (Navy Stripes)
[mock]Blackest Night Shadow (eyeshadow)
*BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed) Black
[PF] Elly <Maple> – Glam Lipstick – (Noir)
Hair: “LoQ Hair” Jellybean – Black
Shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” -red-
Nails: Candy Nail #P050 Pure Red
Earrings: Chop Zuey – Say ‘Cheese’ Smiley Face Earrings
Skin:GP: Honey [Light] Jewel-Pure 1


Easter Sunday – 2012

It’s not quite a year since I started blogging, but I did start on Easter last year…so what better way to celebrate than to take a photo of me in my Sunday best?

I remember when I started this blog, I felt like I had a lot to share with people –  things I did, places I went to, and people that I met. I still do have a lot to share, but because my blog has been heavily fashion centered as of late because of all of the different events I have been covering, I find that my thoughts have taken a backseat as I made other things a priority.

What’s been on my mind lately? Since this is a religious day for me, I think this Bible quote is fitting:

Matthew 7:12 – “So in everything, do unto others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

To me, this is a very easy concept to understand, but based on how a lot of people act, it seems to be hard to follow in practice. This disappoints me, and when I see the actions of people not following this affect me and people that I care about, it pisses me off. I have lost several people who I considered to be my friends in SL this past year because they expected to be treated fairly, but would not or could not do the same towards others.

I don’t want you to think that I’m a Bible – toting fanatic or anything…I’m probably considered more spiritual than religious because I don’t go to church. I guess it lost its appeal when I went to Sunday school, and a girl was being disruptive towards me and the other people in the class. I thought about telling the Sunday school teacher, but decided against it. When I found out that the teacher was the disruptive girl’s mother, I had about enough of church. The situation was just a bit too hypocritical for my liking. So as you see, even as a kid I didn’t have a lot of tolerance for b.s.

Why do people like to hurt others? The easiest explanation is because they are insecure, and in a lot of cases, their life isn’t what they want it to be. So I guess it’s easier to put down others than to actively work on yourself. Many times they don’t realize that this is what they are doing, and it’s hard to change when you are not aware of your actions.  Then you have people who are aware of what they are doing, but they feel that what they say and do is justified. I have noticed that people of this type tend to do the most damage in situations because they feel they are right in their actions. I don’t think it’s ever a good thing to head up witch hunts against people and talk about them behind their backs. I’m not saying never say negative things about people, but a lot of drama could be avoided if people can say the same things to a person to their face as they do behind their back.

Another thing I don’t get is when people do messed up things to others and then say, “I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.” I wish someone would say, “No, you just didn’t want to own up to your actions, so you took the coward’s way out instead.” Again, if people would do unto others as they would want others to do undo them, there would be less drama. Hmm… I think I will say this next time someone says this to me – it’s a poor excuse for bad behavior.

That’s enough ranting from me for now 🙂 Let’s end this post with something positive, shall we?

I went shopping over at the OGlam sim because several designers had items 50% off there. For instance, this outfit I got from Gizza was 50% off – it actually was a steal for under 200L. I also bought some of the winter collection from sYs that I had wanted when it first came out. I am happy to see OGlam coming out with so many events – the LeeZu fashion show was amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the sYs show because I had a meeting to attend. The meeting was fun though – we talked about planning a fashion show for a country club that one of my friends is the chairperson for ^^

Styling Credits

Outfit: GizzA – Tricot Set [Plume]
Hat: Amacci Alissa – Hat Only
Skin: :GP: Honey [Dark] Jewel-Pure 1
Hair: ::Exile:: Paige:Cranberry
Shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -metallic:rose
[mock] Hearts Desire  Makeover Nighttime
[PF] Elly <Maple> – Glam Lipstick – (Burgundy)
[mock]eShadow Purple Winterberry 1 [eyeshadow only]
Nails: Candy Nail #P067 Resort Beach
Poses: Corpus by Diconay Boa (think it’s still closed for the moment) (and maybe Glitterati? I can’t remember :/ )