Wear Gray for a Day – Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of the Wear Gray for a Day event  in Second Life! I was looking for the official logo before so I could add it to my first post, but I could not find it at the time.  Last time I checked, this event made nearly 200,000L (that’s what, over $760?). And it’s only been one day guys – can you imagine how much it will be by the end of the 22nd? I have some great goodies to show you all, so sit tight and let’s begin ^^

The first thing I would like to show you is Glam Affair‘s latest skin – Leah. Everyone is talking about this skin, mainly because this particular skin from Aida Ewing has more of a a mainstream appeal. I usually wear Glam Affair skins when I want a more high fashion look to my photos, but some may not want to look like that all the time. Yes – the skin is gray, and the first photo shows what the skin looks like naturally, with no makeup. You can buy several makeups at the Glam Affair booth at the event – I chose to get Speed.

You can also find the mesh corset from Maai * (created by Snow Wolfhunter) that I am wearing at the event as well – it’s called Roxy. Besides it being black, I love how the waist is cinched in – very distinctive.

The poses I used for this set are from Corpus – not at the Wear Gray event, but I am making more of an effort to give more credit to pose makers ^^

I forgot where I saw Wall Candy *, but when I did, I thought – “This is a great idea!” Crys Lexenstar has all sorts of designs and quotes when you go to the mainstore. The pink and aqua blue Dottie flowers can be found at the event, along with this outfit from evolve * . Bellastarr Fhang made the cutest kellie sweatshirt and varsity mini for it, and if you are not a big fan of gray, you can get the mini in different colors. This pose is from Melina Fetuccio’s  Fly Lily * brand. I like how she has a lot of fun poses – good if you want to be casual or a bit playful in your posing.

Irischka Hotshot of Iren *  has several things at the Wear Gray event. I paired the camo leggings and the “My comfy top” together, though the leggings can be worn with the special Wear Gray dresses too. This pose is also from Fly Lily.

This silver mini dress in Brocade is from B[ELLE]issima * , and it’s one of the Wear Gray Hunt Mini dresses that Elle74 Zaftig has available. There are a good amount of merchants that are participating in the hunt, denoted by the sign in front of their shops on the sim. The pose is from Rozena, and the simplicity of the pose Lindsay Rozen made shows off this lovely dress, but not distractingly so.

Oh – when I saw these infirmary masks from Beauty Killer, I had to get one! It comes in 10 different textures that you can change. Kevinn Draconia  must have been in a Kawaii mood indeed lol. And what perfect way to show off a beautiful pair of eyes from Rosemarie Indigo’s Banana Banshee * – Kitten in Rose.  The hair is from Truth – Velvet. Truth is not at the Wear Gray event, but since I used Truth hair in just about every photo, why not mention it? 😀

Okay – that’s all from me for now. I hear Mockie has her new makeup at the Wear Gray event, so I’m going to run over and get it ^^

* denotes promotional copy


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